Colorado Cutthorat Console Results

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and GameForce would like to thank everyone that came out for this tournament. It was a great success. I would also like to give special thanks to King Low Tier and CJ, for backing this tournament so much, Serge for helping us out with the brackets and Vareo with the flyer. Well, here are the results for ALL the games.

1st - David Lee
2nd - Tan Lee
3rd - Gary Lovenstein

Tekken 4:
1st - Saeng
2nd - Tribal
3rd - Isaak

1st - Pedro
2nd- halfro
3rd - CJ

3rd Strike:
Winner takes all - Edwards

1st - Mike S.
2nd - Joe S.
3rd - Pedro

1st - CJ
2nd - Pablo
3rd - Wu
4th- Serge
5th - DFG, Pedro
6th - Leon, Cabby, Lucas
7th - Azreal, Patrick, Rob (Dash)

Good job to everyone that participated. Please give feedback on the tournament good and bad. We want this tournament to get better as time goes on so any input to make the tournament better or comments good or bad would be appreicated. Again, thanks a lot everyone. Peace!
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 Re:Colorado Cutthorat Console Results

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Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Ok, here are my comments. Great matches in everything I must say. The CvsS2 final was really good. Bison was out of control.

As for SC2, wow. The turnout for this tournament is BIG. Over 40 people came out for this one. Seen some great SC2 players. Good matches Dash, Leom KMX and Serge. Serge, in the end no matter how close I came yo pulled it off in the end. That’s good though because because it shows that although I can play I still need some work. Good shit and I can’t wait until we meet again . Good as semi-finals from everyone. I like the pool play system a lot and everyone that made it out of there bracket truely earned it.

Smash Bros was really tight. Some great Smash playing indeed. The fact that I seen 12 years old kids doing some tight things was really cool.

And GGXX. I will definitly will be picking up this game soon.

Overall, great tourny from everyone. Peace!