Colored pic for a contest


Let me know what you think.


Hella tight, I’m wondering if the giant hand is actually suppose to look like that.


**Yeah, its supposed to look like that.

Thanks for the compliment.**:slight_smile:


Is it concept or is there actually a hellgirl?

cuz I dont keep up with marvel so… Outside of that I think its really good. What the medium?


:slight_smile: cool hellgirl pic, i can’t wait for the hellboy movie, it looks awsome, good stuff


i very much like those colors.did u do it digital or in watercolor?i cant tell ,so its great!


**CHZ=I used painter 5 and the “simple water” brush.

Deno=Nope, there’s no Hellgirl, its just a huge contest on a website to design a female version of hellboy.

Hilshiro=Yeah, the Hellboy movie looks awesome. I love the comic too. :wink:



Quirky style, but very professional-looking and nice use of Painter watercolor.


Great pic man. If it’s coloured like Mignola’s style with heavy contrast then I’d love it even more.:smiley:

I just gotten into Hellboy. Seeds of Destruction is hella cool (hehe). What’s the next book you’d recommend me to get? Oh and I prefer the long arc ones, not the short stories compilation.