Colored piece

a sketch that i quickly inked and color…let me kno what u guys think

sorry, here’s the pic

reminds me of the character from City Hunter.
drawing’s ok, tends towards being stretched (as in overly lanky).
someone else will have to comment on the colouring though… I stink at colours.


the coloring is as ugly as the drawing. i think that was what rook was really thinking but couldnt say.


I think you need better connection of shadow. Your coloring was just a dark and a light. You need a midtone unless you were going for that japanamation cel look. Overall good drawing though.

here is a pic to help you out.

Nice pic

but I would make that left right hand a little bigger, the one that is tapped up. Listen to SFMC though, he gives very good advice, soak it all up.

Rook: thanks for the crits, i really do have a habit of overextending ppl’s limbs and i’m trying to correct that.

Sweet: you know, you can be honest and help people at the same time. I don’t mind if you call my picture ugly, but i would like it if you gave me some pointers.

SFMC: Thanks a lot man, my coloring and knowledge of shadows really isn’t the greatest and i think the shading u drew will really help me out.

Deonysis: yeah i noticed the hand as soon as i saved it in photoshop, buh was too lazy to change it coz it was only a quickie…thnx newayz