Colored Pinup

Colored Pinup

Well I finally got off my lazy butt and colored one of my pinups. Anyway, let me know what you think and enjoy.

Eh probably should have spent some more time on the background.


I like your sketches Shadow, they all show strong energy and flow…excellent work with this colour piece as well- overall great job…keep it up man…:slight_smile:

yeah what he said :smiley: nice coloring, are u planning to color ur other stuff? i would love to see the others in color, u have awsome sketeches

hey shadaow, posting once every blue moon new eh… nice pic, colorins good you should ink that to spruce of the pencils

Hello, my good friend. It’s been a long time, indeed. How recent is the sketch? It’s one of your better ones, for sure. The hair colors turned out fantastic, and the others are pretty good, too. It’s good to see you’re still drawing Jai. ^^ Keep at it, my friend. :smiley:

nice pic, Hiten… head’s a bit big & legs could be longer, but it’s all very good :slight_smile:

Cool Color Pinup on the pic. Sure, the background could use a bit of work, but its still very talented.

Good drawing. I agree with the rest of the comments.

I am noticing double lighting from your pic, but it is running a little inconsistent. To bring this pic out more i think one of your light sources could go completely higher than the other lighsoucrce. Example would be her buttocks. See how you have that strong backlight? I lwould like to see that alot more in other places.

Overall great job man. Good pencils as always.

Holy crap! And you can color as well as sketch. Now you’re just beyond me (That’s not just talking about drawing skills). That stuff is already beyond all expections. I’m wowing ang oogling.

Gunstar - thanks for the comments.

Hitshiro - Thanks… um… I might. It depends on home much time I have to work on these drawings.

StonedKnome - Long time, hows it hanging? Yeah I probably should start inking my work again. It just that I am too lazy to go to an art store and get some more pens. Lol I know thats no excuse but all of my pens are dead right now. Anyway thanks for the comments.

Wildcat - Whats up? How you been? Yeah this is a pretty recent sketch. Since my first year of college I have lots of drawings, but have not scanned them. I took my first drawing class last semester and I have learned a lot. I didnt really realize it until now but that single drawing class helped me improve in many ways.

Rook - thanks. I have to keep an eye on them proportions. Lol haha I never see anything till I scan and shrink it on the computer. Well I guess I need to train my eyes better.

Travis - Yeah. Thanks for the compliments.

SFMC - Yeah I see what you are saying. There are a couple places where the backlight is hitting but they are to subtle to be noticed. So I should probably exaggerate that source of light more. Next time I do something like this I will keep this in mind. Anyway thanks for the comments.

Brain Digger - Thanks, this was actually my first time trying out a different style of coloring.

very gen 13, dope shazzle bazzle.

Nice work

but the legs need to be a lot longer and the proportions need some work. The color art is excellent though.

Heh, I’ve been doing pretty well. I notice a lot of improvement in it, so I figured it was more recent. College, eh? Good to hear you went…it’s been so long since we’ve actually talked. O_O When I took an art class, my art really improved too, despite not doing much work with figure drawing (just some faces, really). I didn’t realize it until later, too. Heh. When you get that work scanned, post it up. I’d like to see how you’ve improved. :smiley: Keep at it my friend, and take care.

Again, i am late posting so most of my crits have already been addressed. Nice to see your work, your line quality has improved methinks. Keep coloring :slight_smile:

Jashugan - Yo whats up? Havent seen you on here in a while! Thanks for the comments.