Colored TE Covers


Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy and get laser cut an all black piece of acrylic that would replace the original TE faceplate. I emailed Art about it, but he seems to be swamped with orders so I was looking for other outlets. Thanks in advance and any help would be greatly appreciated


from what I hear… that laser cutter is crazy expensive.

I wouldnt count on finding another member with the same capabilities as art.

maybe try the yellow pages?


I can help you there, I’m in the UK though.


jus saw your other thread doomy… good stuff

help from across the pond


Thank you, its killing time at work for me at the moment :slight_smile:

To the OP, here for my plexi’s



Anyone else?


Yeah sorry, I thought we had black. Expensive for one plexi to order in.