Colored text is back again?

I dunno if anyone else has noticed. But colored text is back again. This gets annoying for folks who browse the site using the SRK Dark theme and I believe that was one of the reasons for its removal a few months ago.

what do you mean?

edit: ooooh

I really hope it stays. I run a thread with the main post being updated all the time and the colors really do help in sorting things out. Same goes for when tournament threads are made. Wonder if it would be possible to just to disable certain colors?


Anything that’s too dark (blacks and greys) and anything that’s too light should be disabled.

Thanks for telling me about the dark theme.

I truly hate the default SRK light theme, it’s blinding.

Yeah I use the Dark theme because the light one is TOO white. I’ve seen a few threads using the colored font and I have to highlight the font to even read it.

If not mistaken. When the forum is updated. It pretty much enable colors and time to time images within your signature,

Colored text just got removed again. This is so not good for people making guides that use different colors to make each section color coordinated.

With good organization, you can make an easy to use/read guide without having to resort to coloured fonts.