coloring book!!

Hey guys.
I wanted to get some ideas on how to improve my digital skills, so i was wondering if anyone might be down with this. It’s one of my characters from a story i have been writing for years “Attack of the Killer Pink Fluffies”

this is the color scheme for him, and i was wondering if anyone else wanted to take a crack at it, and maybe give some pointers.

perhaps then other people could post up some original b+w stuff for others to color. One of those “only post after you have colored one” deals.

just a thought, but i would love if someone would like to give me some pointers. thanks:)

i think the only problem with your painting is that it lacks a good palette and value range. right now you just have a midtone and a shadow. experiment with different color combinations to represent shadows and highlights and such.

i just went with simplicity in my version, though!

heres hi-res lineart for a jam picture i drew last year if anyones interested in giving it a go:
[cant really IMG tag it here … its pretty big]

I think this thread has potential. I’ll post something up late next week.

bumpity bop

hmmmm… i’ll give this a shot once i have enough free time

I may try coloring yours Rabid Wombat. :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s mine.


looks good scissorman.

quick tip – shoadows need to match your highlights. So if the pic has really intense highlights (like you do), the shadows they cast will be equally dark.

Okay, was just experimenting with a tutorial. But thatnks for the tip Rook, I’ll have to remember that.

Looks nice! The glare coming from the left actually makes the look on it’s face seem more believable. Like its surprised because something exploded/showed up in front of it.


Wow, this is fun to watch you guys do your own take on the creature. ^^ Who’s next?

Glad you guys like it! :tup:

i like how yours glows scissorman

ill take a crack at it

here you go, the tops mine