Coloring Test (Ryu Portrait)


Doing some test painting in photoshop. I wish I could color like SFMC. :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s an attempt to do a slightly more painterly style of coloring than I’m used to. Comments, criticisms and tips please :slight_smile:

EDIT: It has reached my attention that the colors might be funny looking. I painted this using my laptop and it looks fine on my computer, but I looked at it through by roommate’s computer(a desktop) and it looked like poop. So, here’s two versions, pick whichever looks better on your monitor and please let me know which one; number 1 or number 2. Thanks :slight_smile:


I like the first one more but that’s me. Seems a tad blotchy, though.


hEY ACTUALLY THESE ARE LOOKING GOOD. Damn caps lock. Yeah same thing happened to me when I painted on a laptop. Looked good but when I transfered it to pc and mac it wa horrible. I learned never to paint on a flat screen again.

Well anyways I prefer version 1 because the colors are nicer. What are you using to blend? Just curious.




Thanks guys.

Zamuel: yeah, I know what you mean about the blotchy thing. I gotta either spend more time cleaning it up or find a photoshop setting that doesn’t do that as much.

SFMC: Thanks, good to know the top version looks better, because that was the one I finished using my laptop, and not my room mate’s computer. Maybe his calibration is messed up. Even still, I know I see much fewer colors using my laptop, which saddens me. I’m constantly flying back and forth between college and home, so a desktop just isn’t practical for me right now. Blending. Umm, I guess I don’t really use anything specific for “blending” I paint with hard edged brushes with the stylus set on opacity and just keep painting over using different colors. Do you mind if I ask what your technique is?

Dios <-X->: Photon is the funniest anime ever.


i love both. :slight_smile:


Whats up man. I just paint on about 60 opacity. I just use the very first brush.

I use the alt button to blend after i set a dark, mid, and a light tone down. Eyedrop greys out so don’t overdo it. Thats about it.


what do you mean eyedrops gray out? I saw you on aim earlier today but you were shunning.


Hey chainWHORE. Been a while since I’ve seen new stuff from ya. I have to say the shadowing looks much better on the top one, so I think that one is better. Good sketch, too. Keep at it my friend. :smiley: