coloring test


tell me what u think.


I like it, it has like a really simple/smooth/natural look. The only gripe I have is the neck colors just look scraggly and unnatural.


lol, my bad, i didnt even color the neck really. that was my brush running off the face onto the neck, it was an accident.

unless u are talking about the grey lines, which are the sketch lines =/


hey klakalou…

just took a stab at coloring it…

was bored at work…
hope you dont mind…


its kool. how did the pic get blurry? prolly cuz there was color underneath already. the hair could use more contrast, as in more distinct shading. did u use a tablet? i noticed some of the colors are blotchy, u can stop that by using a low opacity brush.


You got a funny structure happening on the nose. What are those grey squirmy lines? Are you using a tablet or a mouse? The colors look a bit too airbrushy, did you happen to use the airbrush tool? I think you could use an eye socket structure in there. The bottom pinkish lip color should have better transition connecting to the skin.

Drawing is pretty good, but the eyes are too outlined.


gotcha sfmc. too bad i didnt check this b4 doing this below…=/


I think you should download pop up blocker for your computer because ya got lighting pop ups going everywhere!


i think all 3 pieces of art are nice.


Your colouring is becoming more n more distinctive. Damn so nice. Can I have your skill?

Oh and nice white ears too…


hmmm, i thinkt the bottom one with the nearly full body came out pretty good. but it’s in consitent. if you leave the burned out white areas on the suit then they should be on the skin too, if not then there should be a base very light pink color.

i also agree with sfmc on the airbrush, but i think the suit works better than the colors on the face. as for the eyes, the outlines don’t bother me as much as the complete blackness of the iris/pupil. that part in particular defeats all the realism you tried to achieve with your colors.

on the torso, the arc that you made beneath the breasts (i’m guessing representing the muscle just above the abs, don’t know it’s name) looks too low. also if that suit was a tight as it looks her breasts would probably be held up higher, as it is now, it looks like they have no support at all.

all in all a pretty decent attempt, it’s apparent that your coloring skills have grown. the body looks like you’ve been practicing anatomy too. the face looks a little generic tho.

hope some of that helps.


awww, i liked the face most >_<

yah i screwed up on the body =/ made the boobs to low, and in effect, accidentalu drew other things to low in relation to the boobs. i forgot to zoom out and check to make sure everything was ok.

thanks for the replies everyone:)

sweet: dude, what kind of insult was that. i was hoping for something a lil better =/


I like the colouring for the most part (talking about the full-body pic here), agree with yakuza about the solid black irises… that really throws me off.

apart from the boob boo-boo, I think it’s one of the nicest pieces from you yet. keep 'em coming :slight_smile:



thanks for pointing that out guys, i will try to keep a keener eye on the prelim sketches. and hopefully i can keep thepatience to finish a pic in the future.

still dont have a site rook? i will link you when u get one up =)