Coloring your art?


Hey everyone, I was just wondering how everyone colors there artwork. Do you guys do it the traditional way with markers, paint and any other medium, or is it digitally, in photoshop or some other coloring program?

well i tend to color my stuff in photoshop, but i am very terrible at it. and that leads me to my other question, how do you color digitally in photoshop? i know it’s asking a lot but it would be nice if someone could tell me how they color step by step, or better yet if anyone have any good tutorial links. thanks

here’s how i usually color…
clean up the scanned work, have a color layer, the shadow layer, and highlight layer…


i color in watercolor,acryilic and in PS.

For PS i scan,clean,and make two or three layers,one for the lines ,the second for the colors and a third for background.


i use Ps
and i also do the 3 layers thing


I use to use color pencils for everything. I just recently started using photoshop. I only use one layer though.


Give this site a whirl

It’s got tons of tips.

(I should listen to my own advice)

I do the Line art channel thing like most of these guys. But I’m also just finished computer coloring my self published comic for the first time. Some examples are on my thread.