Colors 11 and 12... how do I get them?


Hi there, this is a repost from the Bison forums but I haven’t gotten a response there.

I would like to get Bison’s 11th and 12th costume options which have the purple outline and the hazy effect on my XBOX360 version of Street Fighter. Any help would be appreciated.


You need a regular Street Fighter 4 save on your console.


Sorry, can you explain what this means? Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:


Alright,basically the requirement to unlock those colors is that you had to of owned the original version of SF4 that came out in 2009. Although you technically don’t have to own it,just have a saved game data on your hard drive from it. If you have a friend you could borrow a copy from or go out and rent a copy from a video store and pop it in your xbox then make a saved game on there,the colors should be unlocked on your copy of ssf4 next time you put it in after creating the save.


Oh okay… wonder if a gamestop will have one for sale for like 5 bucks or something. Thanks for the information!


Don’t go spend $5 on two obnoxious colors, as someone who plays online I beg you not to use them online :frowning:


By not being a cheap bastard.


I personally don’t understand why anyone would want them. Color 12 is absolutely repulsive in-game.


And for PC ?


It’s the same for PC, have a vanilla Street Fighter IV save and you get them when you go back on Super.


I hate when people use the “sketch book” colour online… it looked cool in the intro movie but is brutal when being used in game.


I didn’t realize so many people disliked 11 & 12 so much.

Time to start using them! :slight_smile:


No, it’s not the same. The only way to unlock them on PC is with an unlocker cheat.