Colors i cant get them all

i can get the 1st 6 colors and the 13th with lp an mk and hp but i cant get the other ones isnt it liek hold start and any button but it doesnt work for me please help me

Beat the game with a character to unlock the extra color for that character.


As well, to do these, I think you also hold the back button. (what console are yo on?)

They’re both lying. The code is:

:u::u::d::d::l::r::l::r::snkb::snka: select start.


Oh. Same here.
Yeah I think after you beat the game just hold the back button and press another one. I’m not sure though…think I read it in a FAQ somewhere…


ah come on dude, don’t give these noobs the master code. make em work for their gay colors.

Yeah for real. I wanna learn.


the funny thing is that he probably really tried to use that code

yeah im not stupid i didnt thanks for the real info the like 2 peopl ethat gave it i got it

Good job. Your life is obviously complete now.

How I envy your selection of colours.