Colossus VS Sentinal



I posted this in another thread but I figured this would be a good topic thread on its own.

Here’s a few strategies I came up with against Sentinal:

-Colossus’ shoulder charge can beat out EVERY move Sentinal has including rocket punches and normal Sentinal Forces. If tries to slap you with a frying pan or a rocket punch don’t be afraid to throw out a shoulder charge. Just make sure you use the instant recovery [IR] Shoulder Charge*.

-Use the Hyper Armor constantly. This makes Colossus even more devastating against Sentinal. Yes, of course the little chicken will run and fly away until it goes away. Now tides have turned and now you’re on the offensive side. while your HA is active be sure to build up as much meter as possible. Try to hit sentinal by rapidly throwing out FP, FK, and FK shoulder charges while super jumping. By doing this you can build a whole bar before your SA runs out. Now repeat. Just remember not to go beserk, and don’t forget that Colossus is not invulnerable, he can still take some damage.

-Try to keep Sentinal grounded. He is not as dangerous and not as mobile on the ground as he is flying. The best bet is trapping Sentinal in the corner using j.FP and [IR]Shouler Charges. Sometimes getting him into the corner is hard, just try to lock him down once you get him there. SA helps to back him into the corner by intimidation.

-If Colossus is coming in and sentinal attempts the unblockable use the lk shoulder charge and you’ll go over the mouth beam and hit his rocket punch. A very good manuever indeed.

*Instant Recover Shoulder Charges are shoulder charges that end near the ground so that the recover time is shorter and near unpunishable. The two example are the “Tiger Knee” shoulder charge and the “Triangle” Charge. The Tiger Knee shoulder charge is done starting the controller motion from the Down-Back position and end it in the Up-Forward position so that its a super jump shoulder charge just a few inches from the ground but he’s still in the air. The Triangle Charge is done from the right super jump height so that he charges down and recovers just a few inches from the ground. It takes a little practice to get the right height down but its well worth it.

I hope this can help to improve some of your game against the giant Robutt.

If anyone else has some good pointers fighting Sentinal please post.


I have just started using Collosus and had alot of trouble against Sentinel, but Ken anti-air has been helping me alot when i jump in. I never Thought of the tiger knee motion working for collosus, ill try it out.


I’ve never tried using Ken’s AAA, but any assist that helps lock Sentinal down for a sec is a good assist. (ie Sentinal’s Ground, Juggernaut’s Ground, DrDoom’s AAA)