Colossus VS Storm

Storm would have to be the second hardest match-up (Cable is first) for Colossus. She has supreme mobitily that makes it tough but not impossible to land a hit on her, and also she has alot of “beams” that give colossus a hard time.

Here a few tips and strategies I came up with to help against the “weather witch”.

*Don’t use random shoulder charges or Hyper Armor when you know they’re not going to hit. Even using the instant recover shoulder charges Storm can still manage to punish Colossus.

*Only use your HA when Storm is super jumping or after a hit from a shoulder charge. Storm’s typhoon’s and Hail Storms are considered beams so they pierce his HA and do normal damage even with his armor. So you don’t want to throw out his armor and get hit with those during his 3 second power up phase.

*I normally wouldn’t recommend using HA alot against her, because you won’t see her again until its over. While she’s running away be sure to build up meter yourself by using sj.FPs’. Just watch for typhoons and HSs.

*Keep is simple against her. Stick with your normal attacks especially the long range ones such as s.FP, d+FK, or j.f+FP. You’d be surprised how many s.FP you can land on your opponent since it catches them off guard alot and not very punishable. After 6 s.FP Storm will be dead.

*When Storm’s on the ground and they go for a typhoonxxHS, you can jump over the typhoon and land a f+FP before the HS goes off. I wouldn’t recommend trying this every time but as a last resort thing if she has 5 bars and tries to chip half your life away.

*Take advantage of her mistakes. Such as a missed lighting attack xxx LS. Stand right below her and hit here with a power dive. Storm doesn’t have alot punishable mistakes, so you gotta besure to hit when she does.

*I’ve never tried this but someone told me it could be done. If you’re at sj height and you see her going for a hail storm you can power dive up out of the screen where the HS can’t hit you and come down just after and land a hit on her before she recovers. It sounds like a great idea but I don’t think it will work. I never had the guts to try it but if someone does confirm it works please let me know.

I hope this few tips will help out anyone that has a problem against storm. Feel free to expand and add anymore info you may have.

Well When i am fighting With Colossus and facing storm but dont have an anti-air, IMO, well more in my experience fighting storms is that most of them will at least try to rush you down and if you hold out then will move to runaway. Although it is true that storm has air dominance in this one, i have always have the best success engaging her in the air where if i do connect a powerdive, it is then possible, not probable to pin her long enough in the coner to get a nice little combo that sometimes can take all her life, but if i dont have enough meter to kamikaze myself in mid-air against the hailstorm bitch i like to always try and get moves to work in the air first, which can discourage people who thought they could runaway and might fall for the trap and try to rush me down. The first thing i always do in the air is to try to get some F+FP xx power swing. Every storm player i ever get this move off with does the exact same thing most of the time. They zoom away for about a second, then they try to rush-down colossus. Of course alot of this is easier said then done.

If you see storm runaway… get under em and do death from below!(power dive)…too good

Sometimes I’ll use the PowerDive against a runaway Storm but I’d only use it when I have the HA active, cause a whiffed Powerdive can be easily punished.

its rumored that storm has an unblockable tri jump…personally…i believe it, moral is that you can not let storm rush you down for free. hehe; PUSHBLOCK EVERYTHING;) thas all im sayin

Push blocking is a must with any storm rushdown freak, but against better players, you have to make sure you dont give away a pattern. Its not really possible to completely cross up storm with colossus, but what works for me is jumping to storms other side and immediately dashing backwards, if you had just previously pushblocked alot of her moves, even a good storm player might not be able to pass up what looks like an amateur move by you… its one of the only times for me with any fighter that a storm rushdown can be as nere telegraphed with such a slow fighter like colossus. Any way it works for me. You have to strart canceling the dash backwards once in a while to catch a good storm player off gaurd.

Oh by the way Colossus’ j.f+fp beats storms j.fp but not her Just thought I might add that in, since 99% of all storm players use her fp in the air.