Coltinas Hugo Breakdown *Video up finally*





crouch or stand

lp (x2-x4), (lk) lariat : 150 dmg 200 stun

Clap combos

(hp)clap,(mp)clap,(lp)clap : 280 dmg 274 stun

(hp)clap,(mp)clap,(lp)clap, : 309 dmg 315 stun

(hp)clap,(mp)clap,(lp)clap,, (lk)lariat : 369 dmg 315 stun

(hp)clap,(mp)clap,(ex)clap,(lp)clap,, (lk)lariat : 450 dmg 405 stun

(hp)clap,(mp)clap, red focus attack, dash, (mp)clap,(ex)clap,(lp)clap,, (lk)lariat : 497 dmg 515 stun

Ultra throw combos “UT” “backbreaker” = BB

UT, (mp)clap, lk or EX BB : lk BB = 308 dmg 330 stun - EX BB = 324 dmg 370 stun

UT, (mp)clap, (ex)clap : 284 dmg 410 stun

UT, (ex)clap x2 : 314 dmg 510 stun

UT, (lp)clap, (ex)clap x2 : 355 dmg 550 stun

UT, (mp)clap, (ex)clap x2 : 375 dmg 550 stun

Ultra throw resets

UT, delayed lk or lp : 130 dmg 200 stun

UT, mp, dash : 200 dmg 250 stun

Ultra throw knockdowns

UT, (lk) lariat : 180 dmg 300 stun

UT, delayed : 160 dmg 250 stun

Ultra 1 combos…

(hp)clap, (mp)clap, red focus attack, dash, U1 : 560 dmg 270 stun

Ultra 2 combos!

UT, (mp)clap, U2 : 482 dmg 410 stun

UT, (mp)clap, (ex)clap, U2 : 543 dmg 410 stun

UT, (ex)clap x2, U2 : 573 dmg 510 stun

UT, (lp)clap, (ex)clap x2, U2 : 571 dmg 550 stun

UT, (mp)clap, (ex)clap x2, U2 : 591 dmg dmg 550 stun

(hp)clap, (mp)clap, red focus attack, dash, (hp)clap, (ex)clap, U2 : 556 dmg 430 stun

fun tips for ultra 2

-U2 can punish backdashes, as can a (lk) BB.
-U2 can be a very useful anti air

Super combos

(hp)clap,(mp)clap,(lp)clap, super, (hk) BB : 544 dmg 340 stun

(hp)clap,(mp)clap,(lp)clap,, super, (hk) BB : 539 dmg 365 stun

UT, (mp)clap, (lp)clap, super, (hk) BB “this combo cant end with BB, but will allow you to stay with them as they fall” : 454dmg 330 stun

   Goodluck everyone, I hope this helps Hugo players starting out, as well as adept players.



woops, found an issue on one of the combos listed. fixed it sorry about that, was very tired when posting*


added 2 new combos


2 new combos added


Great stuff man, thank you. Still trying to implement and figure him out.


The only real difficult part of hugo is the clap combos, imo.

his UT combos, if you keep it simple are pretty straight forward. it’s not worth going for the more complex ones, because his damage is already great. off a UT, I’ll almost always just go light clap into light backbreaker, just because it’s super easy and still does even more damage than his HP 360 throw. it’s not really worth risking dropping the combo just for a little 60 damage extension(unless it’d kill)

Also, people need to understand that HUGO’S BACKBREAKER AND ULTRA PUNISHES PEOPLE TRYING TO RUN AWAY FROM YOU, not just jump ins.

HP and EX backbreaker are VERY good at chasing down people trying to up-back away from you, and the ultra can literally hit from nearly full screen away. though a word of warning, it’s designed mostly to hit people moving AWAY from you. don’t try to use it as a reliable anti-jump in, because it will whiff a lot.

just keep it stocked for when you got them scared and they try to run away, or for use in your UT combos.

Also remember that Hugo’s EX lariat has massive armor that can take several hits, and is also good at knocking people out of the air. so say akuma up-back fireballs away from you, you can EX lariat through the fireballs right over to him, knock him down out of the air, and now you’ll be right in his face.

Also, you can combo off the anti-air lariat like you would a UT, even into ultra 2 at the right angle.

Speaking of UT, remember that EX version gets armor. so if you find yourself getting poked out of it a lot, keep that in mind.


I really don’t think that the clap combos are hard. I’m missing a lot of these now because I’m trying to OS cr.MK between the HP Clap and the MP one, and this really messes up my timming.
But the regular combo is pretty easy with double tapping, try it.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that EX UT does NOT have armor. I think you are confusing it with Meat Squasher? God damn it would be awesome to have armor on EX UT lol


thanks for all the inputs guys n gals.I’ll keep practicing and when I get my capture card I will post up all of this for video proof that these work. I feel like the
UT, (mp)clap, (ex)clap x2, U2 is good because its almost 600 damage from a mix up that you used to get the UT off. there’s alot of potential here and I feel we will make hugo S tier eventually. I was watching matches today with some hugo players and alot of hugos punishment combos are crazy.


Got the combos on video now, gana post soon


Videos out finally, enjoy


s tier hugo, we can only pray


After Red Focus, UT EX Clap*2, UT2. I’ve Gotten 713 DMG!!! It seems that on first Ex, you have to time it just a tad bit later. Otherwise you get a lesser amount of damage.


5 bars?


oh damn, forgot super gauge was on refill. I’ma scrub…