Columbia, MD BlazBlue Ranbat 9/12

HCLibrary Blazblue Ranbat

Date & Location:

Saturday, September 12th 2:00 PM
6600 Cradlerock Way Columbia, MD 21045

In order to register you must contact me by phone at 410-313-7727 or 7728 (ask for Mike) or online at Under classes and events. Online registration is now available.


This is a free tournament so there will be no entry fees and therefor no prize money to split. I tried to get my managers to okay it but I was denied. I am still scrounging up as much as I can for prizes so I will also update the post when I have finalized info on that too.

*Prize Info

3rd and 2nd Place will a receive a $25 dollar gift card to Gamestop and a bag of Starbucks Coffee
1st Place will receive a $50 dollar gift card to Borders

BlazBlue for Xbox 360.
2 standard issue controllers will be available but it is strongly recommended you bring your own. Any controller brought MUST NOT be wireless.

Game Rules:

Easy Specials are banned. However, all macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed.
Unlimited characters are banned.
Astral Finishers are allowed.
Hardware macros, turbo, or other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden.
All converters are the responsibility of the player.

Tournament Rules:

Tournament is Double Elimination
2/3 Games ? 2/3 Rounds (Rebels)
Final Eight will be 2/3 Games? 3/5 Rounds (Rebels)
99 sec. Rounds in all matches

This is a free, non-profit tournament that is in no way sponsored by Aksys Games or any other company.



No prizes please. Unless they involve buttons as in shirt buttons.

should give out monopoly money

Be there.

why no prizes? Something is better then nothing right?

Isn’t THE FIGHT motivation enough?

If I liked the game more it would be. :lol: What about dat IV?!

1st place winner will receive a double down sandwich and a roll of toilet paper

Make it two rolls and I’ll be all over that shit.

Pun most definitely intended.

updated with online registration link

I heard this Place was a good spot. I might come on by to watch…(ninja-bump!)

updated with prize info.

Bah, I’m horrible at BB. :frowning: I may show to spectate though. Or hell, I could enter and 236+D and see how far that gets me.

everyone who comes might as well play. Its free so you don’t have anything to lose

I’ll be there.

lol, I apparently missed the online registration deadline

same, we can probably still go I suppose

yeah don’t worry about the online registration, you can still come. Thats just there so I can get an idea in advance about how many people to expect.