Columbia, MO 2008: We Post More Than We Play

This is the matchmaking thread for Columbia, MO, the former home of the late, great Gunther’s Games. We play 3S, Guilty Gear, Tekken (editor’s note: fuck that noise) and Super Turbo, and half of the people who post in this thread don’t even live here.

This is the land of Geneijin bullshit, Bridget bullshit and more low tiers than a white weenie deck. You know what to do.

Don’t forget land of the dude who’s state is so bad he often wishes he lived in yours. Yep, iowa blows still, so I migrated here.

Hi my name is travis and I suck balls at guilty gear.

I just got back from Sedalia, I’ll probably be free everyday from like 2-3pm until around nighttime when Shekeib goes out since I have to take care of my youngest brother.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Andy and I will be in town on Sunday.

Travis - Stop whining!

Shekeib & Shohaib : I got VF5 and a 360 for christmas, and I had my stick modded beforehand. My gamertag is eeemmecks

please add and I will be glad to play you or anyone else from missouri

to be fair, white weenie was hella good during Tempest bloc :lol:

I played tempest block white weenie

it was my best deck ever…cept black weenie with rituals and specters lel

What in the flying fuck is a white weenie deck? I feel like my nerd liscence is going to get revoked for asking this.

You know FFIV is fucked up when even Palom and Porom are cool characters. I hope there’s a way to get them back in your party at the end of the game like in IV Advance.

When is this game supposed to come out in the US?

You don’t play magic though, do you? Savannah Lions… that’s a blast from the past.

Good name for the thread BTW. I was thinking something like CO MO 2008 - No home for an arcade sf4?

Not anymore, I did way back in the day though. I think I quit when Ice Age came out.

By the way Josh I bought Ultimate Ghouls 'n Ghosts for the PSP if you want to try it

Also you should play Shohaib’s Eddie, it’s like ten times better than before

No, he should totally play a white weenie deck. Man, that article takes me back. I had versions of two of those decks floating around…Soltari Monk/Priest were that heat :wgrin:

Speaking of Gear tho, what’s the plans for this weekend? Anything goin on before Sunday?

Do you guys wanna play some gear tonight? I might get off early (7 or 8pm)cause i came in early.

Also, does anyone wanna go bowling on Thursday around 9pm?

I have to be up early tomorrow, so I can’t. I should be up for Thursday though.

I live in Columbia, and I really did cry when my mom told me that Gunthers was closing. Then there was cashier that played 3s with me every time he was working and I came.

Hah, wild. If you’ve been to Gunther’s you’ve probably met most of the people in this thread at least in passing :stuck_out_tongue:

I approve of your enthusiasm for mudkips

soo … uhh … what did this cashier look like? I’m just curious. Well I guess a better question is, what character did he play in 3S?

Can’t really remember his face, but I remember him playing Makoto a lot.

I would assume that was Tony. Bald guy, maybe? Frog was the manager, and I was the other guy with short brown hair.

Even if not, welcome to the thread. Every once in a while, Josh or Shekeib and Shohaib convince us we should be playing 3S so we play :bgrin: