Columbia, MO - GGXX, ST, 3S etc

Aight guys, the scene here’s kind of thinning out and disorganized so let’s post about gaming sessions and shit here.

Everyone might as well make introductory posts while they’re at it. This is Andrew, the Bridget/Chun ho.

uh, i play johnny…and stuff

Anyway for those who don’t know, Gunthers here in town has:

Third Strike
Super Turbo
Tekken Tag
Soul Calibur 2

and other random games like Virtual On and shit like that


oh and when is everyone going up to gunthers next anyway?

Sup Fellas,

Whos up for some GGXX at my place this Weds, or Thurs afternoon/evening? Fri afternoon is cool too, just not to late.


I want to play but again I only have til 4:00 pm on Wed. I will go if you can give me a ride. :slight_smile:


Wednesday doesn’t work for me, I have work. I can do Thursday, I get off class at 5 PM – and I can play until about 4:00 Friday.

yeah i’m not free wed either, i got shit to do

It would be best to do it after class fri as i have a test, but i could do thurs night as well long as we’re not playing into the early hours of the morning

jon - gimme some times and i’ll see what works out…also i need a ride too because i’m :lame:


I can get a ride for one or both of you if you go when I go. PM me.

hey fellas

I just installed AIM again, and my user name is bugh0use. If you didn’t notice that o is actually a zero. I know numbers in screen names is totally lame, but someone already took bughouse, and I didn’t want to be bughouse007 or something lame like that.

As far as playing this thurs day evening, I might have something I need to take care of that evening. It’s hard to say right now, but I will make a post later tonight when I know for sure.


sounds good man…if not we should get together at gunthers tomorrow and drop some games…i know i’ve been meaning to get some XX and ST in…

also, if tonight is on, i’ll try and get ahold of you andrew…


2 things . . . . . . . . . .

    • We need a team name, I’ve come up w/ a few Ideas:
      Team JJAPP
      Team KILL STL (vol 1 & 2) :cool:
      Team yer goin’ down bitch!:mad:
    • We (the team) need to get together and play! soon and frequently!

so what about tomorrow? Sat. the 24th at gunther(GG) around 4 or 5 so Jon can play when he gets off werk?:smiley:

i think i can make it, but i’m not totally sure…

will check and post later…

I can do that.

If one of those is seriously going to be our name I’m going to pretend I don’t know you. Fair warning.

I am not sure if I will be able to make it tomorrow, but I’ll try.

yeah i should be up there today somewhere between 4 and 6

…so yeah

Jon, add Claw Shrimp EX to your buddy list.

We should set up the next “formal” practice sessions as soon as possible; I have a busy week and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Does Tom work Monday night? I can play then.

Mon. sounds good for me, and yeah tom is working.
How about 8 pm ?
If pat and Jon have AIM names, u should post what they r?

AIM crashes my computer for some reason, so I almost never turn it on. Normally I use MSN for instant messages.

I have a project due on Tuesday, but I should be able to play on Monday at least for a while.


8 PM sounds good to me, that way everyone has time to eat and you can reset from your been-here-all-day burnout so we don’t have a repeat of yesterday.

Jon did post his AIM SN a few posts back, it’s bugh0use.

Hahahahaha May sucks

I’m awesome,

and since I’m so freaking awesome, I will show up monday.



sounds good and all, but i’m busy tomorrow night so i shall not be there…any other time this week when people want to get together?

i was playin like shit the other day, need to step it up