Columbia, MO: It's just Too BRISK, baby


We’re Columbia, Missouri: we play Guilty Gear, Super Turbo and Third Strike. And that’s how we roll


Columbia = awesome.


Please come to our 10/12 tourney. The new guys think I’m actually decent in GG/3S/ST, and I need you all to prove otherwise.


pAUL IS MY boy…and im drunk… holy shit… 2 weeks to ser. and we gonna fuck some bitches up. Goddamn missouri is teh best. I love yu mutherfuckers…also humbag…you are the shit…come to these tourneys so we can drank…lots of drank…

crown is top tier…

god teir even



You know what’s great about Japan

It’s not Columbia


:lol: :lol:


damn, so harsh, real talk!

It’s also not des moines which makes it even better.


:rofl: Not that I need to tell you but enjoy it while you can.


what happened to tekken? dont tell you forgot about Dr. J!
(asuka+baek+ martial law dominance baby!)


I’m just kidding you guys

There’s other good stuff about Japan too


We’ll play Tekken again once 6 comes out here. Until then fuck DR :lovin:


Josh-Thanks pimpin I appriciate the help man Ima be in touch soon

Travis-Sorry didnt get to come out while u was here but we shall enjoy games soon enough

Paul-“Thats How We Roll” damn thats funny Wassup

bigger post later


dont hate on dr. till then, i cant wait to hear you spit blood when you get beat by bob and the rest of the newbies with their long juggles…then you think, you should not have hated on dr.


Nah, I already know about T6; i played 5.0, and since everyone in 6 is like Steve in 5.0 I know what to expect. T6 is just like DR 3.0 anyway.


Paul -

Two week warning bro. Lets start hammering out some details. What time should I plan on getting in on thursday. I’m gonna work that day which means the earliest ill be able to leave is around 1-1:30 in the afternoon, which puts me in Como around 4:30-5:30 depending on traffic (AND DEER! FUCK!!)

I wanna get in at a semi decent time so i dont have to drive at night again, cuz fuck deer. Next order of business, what time do we wanna leave on friday. Were looking at about 8 hours driving to get to the venue, assuming we aren’t trying to stop and pick up anyone in st.louis.

Speaking of which St.Louis if you are riding pipe up soon, I need to know the plan here, especially so i know what kind of gas i am looking at to pull this off.

Ima hit up big mike this week and find out the hotel situation, I figure if worse comes to worse I’ll have my car and a credit card and we’ll just fine whatever is decent and close by if we decide to go that route.

I think that’s about it for now. Aaron next time you check here let me know the updated plans for SB3, when we wanna leave and all that good bullshit.


More true words have never been spoken.


Whenever after about 6.30 is fine with me; I probably won’t be home until then. As for Friday, we can leave whenever but I figure earlier is a lot easier; I figure how early will depend on whether we’re picking anyone up in St. Louis or not. If not, I’d say anytime before 10 would be good.

Cool to checking out hotels, lessee what’s up


Sounds good. I’ll just plan on leaving home at like 3-4 that day, that’ll give me time to grab a nap and see kara, all that good shit. So i’ll just plan on getting to your place around 7-8. I’m bringing my tv and setup (finally have us copy of AC, woo). So we’ll be covered for casual no matter what we do.

But yea whenever someone talks to steve or rob or other possible riders let me know.


Anyone else playing Mega Man 9? I got to (I think) the last form of Wiley last night, but it was 1.30 so I had to go to sleep :lol:


I picked it up and played a couple levels but didn’t get much done yet. Had to do a bunch of crap last night, gonna hit that shit hard though today. Hearing the old tunes is too good, also the total “Man the fuck up” Megaman style. No Slide, no buster charge, just bring that shit!