Columbia,SC: Going in Strong


Yo saw this in the upstate thread:

A 3s cab for $220

If I had the funds, I’d go for it. Guaranteed Arcade Perfect :tup:

Hi-Tekk, I’m gonna have to block out the 7th of Nov so I can get out there. It’s been a hot minute since I put Ken in competitive use :badboy:

HOLY SHIT!!! Um… I’ve got the funds… need to see about some stuff.

Piece of advice - we live in a console world. I was the last person in the world to give in to this fact, but from working in several arcades and owning a few cabinets myself over the years, it is NOT worth it anymore.

  1. Console play is too good nowadays
  2. You’re going to get better competition via PSN and XBL
  3. Machines are EXPENSIVE to maintain. You’re lucky that there’s a Happ controls distributor in Greenville, but that’s still in Greenville.
  4. Those boards aren’t going to last much longer - CPS3 systems have many parts, specifically a cartridge, a DVD drive, and a motherboard. When one part fails, it’s damn near impossible to find a replacement without buying the whole board. They aren’t as hard to maintain as CPS2 systems with the suicide batteries, but they are definitely more expensive. You can ask Jordan (Dark Akuma) in the Upstate thread about this one, he speaks from experience.

I know that I don’t really know any of you guys that well, but I’ve had a lot of experience with this, and I don’t want anybody that’s playing for my home team to make an uninformed decision. Here’s one last tidbit: back when the mall on Harbison had an arcade (Columbiana Center? Can’t remember the name), we went there for a tournament. The 3rd Strike machine broke, and even the people that WORKED IN THE ARCADE couldn’t fix it, so I did. I had to rig it up because it had a wiring problem - I literally had to split a ground a wire that ran all the way up from the Jamma harness because the lead for the one from that side of the panel was broken off at the harness. A new Jamma harness? Roughly only $20 bucks. If you have to buy one? You might end up having to wire the entire cabinet. Just keep that kind of stuf in mind :slight_smile:

Listen to him, he speaks the truth.

I was there at Time Out when he had to jerry rig the machine for some arcade play. He didn’t seem too pleased about, but he got it done.

I don’t want to say this, but console really is the way to go.

tears up The good old days always go by so fast…


In response to the thread title:

I do not approve of this message.


while i agree with you about arcade machines being a pain in the ass they are still a labor of love. There is just something about booting up you own arcade cab. I have 4 and while it is quicker to play a neo geo game on an emulator it is still not the same as playing it on a cab. anyone that has one will tell you that. And for $220 that shit is a steal. if i could talk the wife into letting me have a 5th this one would already be mine.

ps. bobsmack the happ store closed in greenville a few years ago.

I talked myself out of it.

On one hand it’s always been a dream of mine to own an arcade machine, and if I could own just one, Third Strike is a timeless classic. It’s only $220 as well!

The downsides are major though. I can already play Third Strike multiple ways. I would have to go get the thing. This time of year $220 plus costs of shipment is at least 4 games I could get during this crucial holiday season instead. Also, would I really go out to my garage to play some arcade Third Strike?

My wife got a kick out of my doing pros/cons this morning but I think I made the right decision in not doing it, even though it has always been a dream of mine.

The difference is that you already have the “know how” to fix it - I’m just saying, it’s a huge time and money investment, and I was one of the LAST people to accept that console was the way to go…but I did it. It took a serious mentality change, but I think I’m better for it now.

And that blows about the Happ store…I guess with no arcades besides Frankie’s around, they probably didn’t do as much local business anymore.

Also, with the SSF4 not currently planned to be released in arcades, what’s that going to mean for japanese arcades?

Yea you have a DAMN GOOD POINT about knowing how to fix it, you can find the info yourself but you have to be ambitious and not afraid to rewire a cab once in a while when you fry the damn thing( fucking MK2) but if you like working on stuff Arcade cabs are the shit. But it goes back to what you are into if you have alot of childhood memories about arcades then you will love your cab if you dont, pass on it. but as far as the money investment $220 for a SF3rd strike cab is not a lot, shit I have paid that for an arcade stick. but lets say the fucking thing breaks, like the monitor blows(common) you take out the board and sell it on ebay. most resent board i saw sold on there for $300 so the fact that it cant get $220 from this group is sad. Yes I know i need to let go.

and as far as the Happ store, happ is terrible now. every joystick they make sucks ass now. If you want an american style stick go with IL. I do miss getting cheap Jamma harnesses.

Actually, contrary to what Ono had to say, an arcade version is still possible if there is enough of a demand for it. Or at least that’s what they say.

He said if Super pulls in enough money, they will do the arcade version. So, I’m thinking there’s going to be an arcade version. Super will do almost as well as SF4 in my opinion as it looks like most of the arguments people have against it are being addressed:

  • better online play
  • lobbies
  • 8 to 10 new characters, which will pull peeps back in and pull new ones who will go “omg they finally got my character in there! or omg, Juri is awesome!”
  • no more “indestructible”
  • promise of better balance
  • the likely possibility the game will get more depth due to new game mechanics

i’m too lazy to spend more time, but those are probably the vast majority of teh complaints naysayers have against the game from what I’ve seen since it’s release.

I do hope so, im tired of having to leave the lobby every time i cant connect to someone i hated it in SF4 and was down right livid when i saw the same BS was in RE5 too. Its weird how they overlooked something so obvious. What im really hoping for is to be able to spectate matches with a few other people in a room and be able to talk amongst ourselves as the action’s going on. And another thing i want is in the trial mode id like to be able to hit a button to see the replay of the cpu doing the combo first so I can get a better sense of the timing needed to pull it off.

Deal with with it. No Columbia,SC Inferno Divider

Should have been Columbia, SC: Time For Surprise Sex… (Sigh) (lol smiley face :D)

LOL, that quote just made my day! :rofl:

played HD remix for the first time in a long time today.

holy shit does that game suck. i can’t buy a win on that game anymore, especially since 8 out of 10 matches i played today were Akumas. i’m probably just mad and i’ll get over it because i used to love this game before SF4 but goddamn…

Hey SimpleKiss, any luck on finding a venue for future events for us?

Oh yeah, I’ve found lots of venues. Anyone got a way to raise about 3000 bucks for a day? We’d have to have a hefty house fee.


HD Remix sucks when you lose, because when you lose it’s LOLRAPE. Especially when you haven’t played it in a while and just get destroyed. When you start winning in it though, it’ pure awesome.

Akuma’s tournament banned to, it’s fuckin’ lol. I wouldn’t play ranked around here though. Always the lobbies ftw. Btw, you play it on x-box? If so, I’m always down for a game of HDR. I’ve recently been getting back into SF4, and practicing Fei Long.

He’s a lot better than you all think he is. Problem is that he’s an execution nightmare. :wow:

Spent 5 hours in training mode yesterday, practicing JUST HK CW --> St. Fierce Link.

EDIT: Just to be more clear on venues.

Hotels we want to avoid. Those are the 3000 dollar house fees we’re looking at. Then they want liability costs, and all that jazz. most venues are going to be like that. Our best bet would be to tap into restaraunts and USC. We need to scope the area out when we go down on the 7th for that tournament and see what we can do there.

We’re gonna have to be for any other place, and even at restaraunts, they’re gonna be looking for

A) money
B) Garauntees that people will buy food
C) Liability EG: Who’s responsible if someone in the tournament has a seizure and dies from epileptic shock or something.

We also need to consider the gambling laws of South Carolina, since our Tournaments are considered gambling.

Also, you need a business license to host events. So we’d have to list our events as parties, otherwise we lookin at all sorts of legal fees and so forth.

I was thinking of getting in contact with Mellow Mushrooms (On Gervais Street) and see what’s up with them. I heard they got space we could use, and depending on what they looking for, we might be able to set up there.

otherwise, we need to look into USC campus and see what we can do for events there. Some of you guys are USC students already right? Cuz that could make things really easy for getting a daily place there to do tournaments. Again, we need to scope out that shit on the 7th. I might not be there, because I’ll be watching over one of our company’s events on that day * The Lexington Medical Center Annual Governor’s Cup Road Race * and I don’t know if I’ll get off in time to make the tourney.

/shameless plug for one of our clients.