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Columbia,SC: Where Doing the Same Thing is a Mixup

discuss and fuck xavier trying to make a new thread like he me.

My vote for the thread. The winds of change are in the air! AMERICA!!

lol, I see. Well I really wanna thank everyone for coming by my house for Christmas and enjoying the food Eskay and I made. I only expected about 3 people to show up, but I had about 7 which made me very happy. Eating with everyone was great, there was PLENTY of beer, we played games all day and watched the Predator to top off the night. This is definitely one of the best Christmas celebrations I’ve had in a long time and I’m glad to be a part of the Cola crew.

Edit: I also thought the new thread was gonna be Columbia, SC: He’s not gonna do that again


Besides, I made this thread while watching episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.

Ha two threads

anyone play combat arms

I could’ve sworn we agreeed on " Columbia, SC: He won’t do that again "

Word? Updated

Edit: WTF!? It’s snowing outside D:

Well it looks like the two Cola threads got merged together. Both titles work anyway :slight_smile:

I did’nt see any snow

Maybe it’s just this side of town, but my cars is covered in snow.

Lol Xavier renamed the thread what we were going to originally name it. And I looked out the window about two hours ago, saw snow and was like… " … When did I get back to Canada? SC doesn’t get snow. "

Change the title thread and SNOW!!!

All this snow makes me want to kick back and drink some warm alcohol… perhaps even get in a game or two of something. SPEAKING OF WHICH… D: I suppose nothing is happening today?

Considering how cold its been im not surprised we got snow. But knowing this state, it’ll be gone by tomorrow. GG’s yesterday btw. Predator was amusing as always and the turkey was good.

Ohhh, the weather outside is frightful. But not frightful enough! I WANNA MAKE A SNOWMAN DAMNIT!


  1. Druseph (Honda)
  2. Keyon (Guy)
  3. AwardTour (Rufus)
  4. Dr. Hat (Vega)
    T5. MC Gibson (Ryu)
    T5. Kimchi (Balrog)
    T7. The Duke (Balrog) <—Me Didn’t Rog anyone! I mean, I know I’m boss with him, but ya’ll show my Chun some love!
    T7. Coos (Sagat)
    T9. Panda Guru (Juri)
    T9. Russ (Ryu)
    T9 SimpleKiss (Fei Long)
    T9 Cotoneaster (Cammy)
  5. Tsu (Makoto)

@ Duke: lol, I just assumed you used Rog and Chun at the tournament XD I’ll change it for you in a minute. Also, you don’t wanna make a snow man in this dirty ass climate.
@ Usagi: I’m not doing anything today, but watching football at my place. However, I wouldn’t advise anyone to drive out in the snow with these crazy Cola drivers out there. I’d like to have everyone stay in one piece.
@ Eskay: The Predator was amusing, despite what certain haters had to say.

How about them Bears!? It looks like Cutler really stepped his shit up this game. The Jags disappoint me once again :frowning: So much for my playoff hopes