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New thread, Call Jimmy,Cola getting money.If you think of a better thread title, I will change it.

  • In a Keyon-like voice * You did the right thing with that title :wink: Just got off work and I’m about to hit up training mode with Cammy. Also, I might try streaming some casuals either tomorrow or Thursday at Nashi.

shakes hands


You guys have nashi on wednesday too?


No, I’m talking about streaming in general. I’ll be getting the equipment tomorrow and that’s when I’ll run my first test


New thread, same shinnanigans, hype-cam approves.


Liking the thread title folks!

KOF2K2UM officially releases tomorrow, so I’ll let you guys know how the netplay is once I get home from school. Been in practice mode all weekend with K’ and Kula…still haven’t decided on a firm 3rd, as I didn’t like how Mature plays in this one. She’s less rushdown and more zoning. May end up with Kusanagi or Terry, we shall see.

Anyways, I’ll see y’all online. Take it easy Cola.


@ Guide: Those matches tonight were hilarious XD I’m mad that we were air throwing each other and Mistah Smoke all night; That man took 5 air throws in a row and 3 walk up throws in one round, lol. I almost died from laughing so hard. Keep working at that Ibuki and it’s good to play online with friends for a change rather than just randoms.

@ U-Volt: I’m sure there will be plenty of peeps playing it on online tomorrow (including me) and I’m hoping the netcode is good as well.

@ Cola: I’m going to either try having another casual session at my place sometime this week or attend the Gamefrog Tournament in Durham, NC on Saturday (If I get enough people to help with gas). I’ll keep you guys posted.


@ Eskay: Do you have any other shows/anime to recommend for me?


wtf? I’m mad S.C. is one of these states.
@jag [media=youtube]4a4m-CdvwGw"]this, and [URL=“”[/media]


@jaguar: lol finished venture bro’s did we? I’ll shoot you a pm in a sec.

Edit: on second thought scrap that. If your looking for mindless action that doesn’t require much thought go with “Black lagoon”. If you want something with a little more thought, mystery, and, action go with the 1st season of “Darker than Black”. Both are excellent shows imo, and are worth watching.

@Kimchi: you gun stop with these wacky romance shows :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m upset because I was gonna say he did the right thing with the title. Why must you know me so well. Shakes hands while saying this


Aaaaand my internet is down today :(. GG TIME WARNER!

@Jag: Let me know how the KOF netcode is once u get a chance to test it out.


Pity my Live has expired otherwise I’d gladly play you guys. Perhaps if you’re up here in Charlotte for a tourney/gathering. For me I plan on Orochi Shermie, Vice, and either Ralf or Heiderncopter.


@jag and uvolt, it’s today, the day that that game, (you know the one with the characters) is actually supposed to release. It did release but there is still no online for it. it disconnects from xbl as soon as you start it up still. hopefully it will change later on today but basically it’s still the same version that got leaked.

Also yes, those matches last night were very entertaining i must say, i look forward to having many more of them.

@Keyon it’s all good mang, also are you familiar at all with phantasy star universe? i would play it if it didn’t have a fucking monthly fee.


Yeah but that’s the same thing with…pretty much everyone.


Yea…if only Heavy-D! was on that character select screen…


Sadly yes. Jacob, Phillip, Rodney, Charles, Jon-Jon, me, and about 4 others you don’t know played that game. I was a lvl 124 Acrotecher before the ps2/pc version server closed down. Personally I don’t think you want to waste your time with it. Since its pretty much dead now.


There’s always [media=youtube]1mghX_hfIF8"[/media], though.


Get DC Universe when it comes out!

I need to finish Darksiders and Final Fantasy still :frowning:


Don’t forget Lucky and Brian


Don’t you guys think its total bs that Arnold is protesting against voilent video games when he acted in many violent movies himself.