Columbia, SC: We Now Play A Bit of Everything


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Seems like we’ve now got players for nearly every FG that’s currently out. Looks like times are changing :slight_smile:


@ Quan, I can pick you up after work today. I’m definitely feelin’ Evil Ryu and want to practice landing his bnb’s consistently. Since he has such low health, I have to be on point at all time.


ok i wanna practice oni too even im actually feeling these new dj changes i might play ole ashy feet after all


I’m probably gonna hold out on buying the AE dlc. Don’t feel like giving PSN my money just yet.


get a psn card or game share.


Dive Kick mania running wild brother.

btw King of Fighters 13 is finally coming to consoles. Now if Sega could only bring over the newest version of Virtua Fighter 5


I’m ready for that Yun hype train and I’m sharpening my Axe kick to derail your train tracks >:-D When I heard about KOF 13 finally being released, it made me very happy. Hopefully, people will discover more with other characters so I do see Raiden and K Dash on every team @__@ If Sega brings over VF5:FS hardly anyone is gonna play it.

@ Quan: You couldn’t say no to them sobat kicks, huh? Are you still gonna play Adon in AE? I can’t rag on you for playing him anymore.

@ Kimchi: If I can game share AE on multiple accounts, I’ll buy it on one of my alt account I know the password with and share it with you. You helped me out with CS, so I can do the same for AE.


hmmmm new thread…

walks in, kicks off shoes, lounges on couch


Wow, Yang probably has one of the easiest FADC full ultras in the game. Standing MK FADC U1. I’m not sure if it will work on all characters, but it is something I’m about to look into.

edit: It does work on all characters

edit #2: I requested to join the facebook group, so If you are wondering who that is, it’s me.


New thread I see. I feel we should have went with Rodney’s knee caps, but I can understand that everyone didn’t see that epicness happen. So no one would understand the glory that was that cross-up.


nope im just gonna play deejay and oni i got my charge partitioning back down and those changes feel well on him so yes i couldnt say no to those ashy feet


keyon no cola must style


i dunno, i was a fan of the title you suggested yesterday at David’s place :rofl:


I do too actually. BECAUSE ITS TRUE!!!


He only suggested that because he wasnt able to leech $27 of content off of my account…but i have since remedied that problem so now he’s a slightly less salty prince.


Yo Platinum and those AH3 colors were serious. Your highness is now pleased


@ Flipper: You’re gonna leave Rodney and his knee caps alone, lol. Also, what we mentioned yesterday is true XD Too bad I didn’t think of it, when I made the new thread title. Now that you’ve got your DLC ish, you can practicing playing Yang and I’ll get use to DP’ing jump-ins and jab punishing dive kicks on reaction. I LOVE LIVING ON THE EDGE!!! in a keyon-like voice You don’t understand! I wanna learn that match up against the twins. shakes hands


What time are people playing today?


not gonna lie, Cola SC: Deez niggas is useless would’ve been epic


@jag, I’d much appreciate that. I won’t be going anywhere today though. Got that death.