Columbus Bar Battles 3 Results/shoutouts


  1. Justin Wong
  2. Wolfkrone
  3. Toi Yet
  4. Perfect Legend
  5. Shinlad
  6. STD
  7. Aaron Brooks
  8. AaronS


  1. Justin
  2. VDO
  3. Terrel from MI


  1. Justin
  2. MGear
  3. Grego


  1. Frank (RoyBisel)
  2. Justin
  3. Brian (PimpSirRichard)


  1. JetM (Jin)
  2. Rei-scarred (Bang)
  3. Butters (Ragna)

Melty Blood:
1: Butters ($42.00)
2: JWong ($12.00)
3: Greats ($6.00)

Marvel Low Tier:

  1. VDO
    2.Justin Wong
    3.Tim Hitman

Tekken 6:

  1. Sluch (lili, christie)
  2. HaiGuy (jack-6)
  3. sakurahotdogs (baek, alisa)


  1. maddy (Akira)
  2. Leejang (Shun, Jacky)
  3. SH_ (Brad)

UMK 3:

  1. Ghetto Kabal
  2. Professor Rouse
  3. McLovin

the Jusint Wong Gauntlet:
Justin wong did NOT loose a set!

Dandy J easily claims the first post…shoutouts tomorrow…thanks to everyone who came out…I’m going to pass out!

I’ll post the couple Top-3’s I know:


  1. Justin
  2. Wolfkrone
  3. Toi Yet


  1. Justin
  2. VDO
  3. Terrel from MI


  1. Justin
  2. MGear
  3. Grego


  1. Frank (RoyBisel)
  2. Justin
  3. Brian (PimpSirRichard)

Had a great time, but I was def spreading myself too thin today to be playing in a bunch of tournaments. Good times traveling with Cleveland as always. Real shoutouts later Hope everyone gets home OK.


  1. JetM (Jin)
  2. Rei-scarred (Bang)
  3. Butters (Ragna)

I said this in the other thread last night but thanks again to everyone who ran Bar Battles 3. The shape of this tournament changed a lot since it was initially planned and you have to go respect how well it was all handled.

Thanks to Nathan for helping me run BB:CS so we could get it started.

Thanks to everyone that came out for BB:CS. Great to play versus new faces both from out of state and from across Ohio. I’m hoping to see the Columbus players at AL for Ranbats etc too though. I’ll see about making trips to play people in Columbus more often if you guys have a get together to pay it back. I’ll see you all at Seasons Beatings.

even though I didn’t do too well this time around in the tourney, I’m glad Pittsburgh crew got top 8! and I got to play wolfkrone in casuals to!

Melty Results:

1: Butters ($42.00)
2: JWong ($12.00)
3: Greats ($6.00)
4: Tiggy
5: Regular Kevin
5: Dandy J
7: Radical Ed
7: CardboardBox52
9: Masamune_Shadow
9: Hitstun
9: Sagura
9: KarateLincoln

I’m dead fucking tired so no extended shoutouts. GGs to everyone I played, good shit to Blasty and Dandy J for the great tourney, mad props to fugee for getting us Momo’s as the venue spot

Krone!!! Krone!!! Krone!!!

Good shit to everyone I played in Tekken. Execution was a fickle mistress for me apaprently.

Good shit to:

The other MI players: If it weren’t for Justin the Michigan Invasion would have taken SSF4 and possibly MVC2/3s. Good shit everyone!
Dandy J/Blasty: Ran a great event, everyone got a shot on stream and it ran super smooth.
Frank: Ran HDR brackets very well, kept the event moving at a steady clip, and won HDR, super good shit.
Brian: Being the only guy to beat me at the HDR tourney. I think we’re even now :wink:
Justin: Cool talking to you, wish I’d been able to beat Brian so I’d have a shot at your Sagat.
Slayer KFK: Good shit, sorry I had to bring the Sumo Fatass against Hawk, that match is super boring on both ends.
mad possum: Random-select casuals were great, Honda mirrors… well, they’re Honda mirrors. You’re a cool guy, hope to see you again soon.

Bad shit to myself for getting top 4 and then choking massively on the stream.

Good Shit to everyone In Super and In Marvel and all of the games…Watching Marvel Yesterday actully made me hype because that was some epic matches But one thing that whole day made me mad and irritated

I have Respect for TFA but yall should drop PapaRhino because he talked shit for a month in a half saying he would destroy me in Super in a MM. But Blasty told us we had to wait to play because it was toooo busy…and plus i was playing my matches…and if u didnt notice he said i sucked but he watched every single one of my tournament matches and prob got scared because when i was watching the stream he tried to talk me down to 25 but i said no…we agreed to 50 and thats what were gonna play for…then after some time pass we had some time before brent put in marvel and i could NOT find him…i asked Shinlad,Toiyet and others to look for him and they couldnt find him.Then i asked PL and he told me he left…HOW THE FUCK can someone be that much of a pussy to leave and not play a MM because he knows he was going to lose money…Plain n simple paparhino is a bitch ass nigga period. So now paparhino you have a ultimatium since u skipped out on the MM at seasons beatings double or nothing 100 MM and if you refuse your already now known as a shitty seth who went 1-2 in the tournament and a bitch…but if u refuse to play me you would be known as a Joke and a pussy ass bitch…you are the worst member in TFA they should drop your crappy ass…Get Good and accept it pussy

Tekken 6 (22 entrants)

  1. Sluch (lili, christie)
  2. HaiGuy (jack-6)
  3. sakurahotdogs (baek, alisa)
  4. Drago (king, bruce)

Thanks for every ones support its days like Saturday august 21st that make me remember why i love this community so much. The fighting game community is second to none, it was great to see so many old faces …it is exactly what I wanted to see and i couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. There were so many upsets at this tourney it was insane and that is how you know it was good :).

Cincy: thank you all so much for coming out I love hanging out with you guys …though someone left their keys on my pouch

Keith/wayne: thank you so much for holding down the stream and actually making it the most viewed Columbus fighting games stream ever

Harmon: i believe I owe you 10 dollars

Super dave: wtf who are you! xbox live is training MONSTER good shit man you did awesome and pulled some upsets!

VDO/Flapp/Tbay or as I like to call the the rouge army: thanks for coming out guys and holding down that marvel!

Zach:your the best man i cant thank you enough for all your help we couldnt have done it with out you.

cleveland:thanks for coming out guys you had a great showing

Sluch:good shit winning tekken man!

Brian:you did work in hdr lets go mid west arc

Luis:^same thing insert 3rd strike

Chris:thanks for running marvel…oh wait that was like 3 people…thank you all …lol …chris thanks alot for you help and continued support it really means alot when somone i respect so much lets me know im doing somthing right …thank you.

Justin: im real glad you made it I hope it was worth your time, have a safe trip home

MI: you guys i should thank the most because with out you we wouldnt have even been able to pay the venue lol thank you all!

Fugee: You amazing thank you for all of your help with this thank you or sharing your venue with us (chirs to) thank you for
getting justin out here. This thing would not have shaped up like this if it wasnt for the influnce you have always had on me as a TO.

Frank:no one on the planey runs brackets like you not to mention you still were able to win the tourney coming out of losers! Thanks for your help.

Brent:every one has an off day bro to much sf4 i think.

Mk guys: yall got paid with ghetto kabals bonus and ours umk made alot of money! GOOD SHIT it deserves it!

Carl:your the man as usual i think jake pulled an upset!

Paul soth: yes even you get a shout out…stop it with the damn spam and salt thats shit aint funny anymore its 2010 :slight_smile:

toiyet: how did you do better in 4 than in marvel!!!? Good shit on 3rd

shinlad:I am so sorry again bro thanks for being so cool about it

Columbus: thanks to all who came out and made this yet another great local tourney!

Dandy J:I want every one to know that you did all of the work for this I didnt really do much of anything your a great partner and a great friend I couldnt have made this happen with anyone else you were always 2 steps ahead of me. Working with you in this was a pleasure you couldnt have been more prepared and ready for everything. I cant begin to imagine the amount of work you put into this event …thank you so much for making me look good and putting my name on your tourney!

im sorry if I have forgotten anyone lack of sleep food and such is kicking in so I will do the blanket thing: Thanks alot to anyone who came out ,wathced the stream , had sex with me, brought setups, helped us move,didnt complain, bought me stuff to drink, paid the venue fee, didnt steal anything or break anything.

See you all next year!

MI BBCS Dudes : Greats , I should have played you more often to learn more vs. Litchi, but you seemed to be more occupied with Melty Blood, which is cool too. Also good to see you again lol. Seon & Seon’s twin brother (I forget your screen name) - Thanks for helping me out with Hakumen most of the night, looking forward to seeing that Unlimited Hakumen combo video when it comes out.

Cleveland BBCS dudes : Kokujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. But really man, let’s keep in contact and find a place to meet up and play during the month. Hope you guys get more sleep too.

Columbus BBCS + other dudes : Ryuujin, get a PS3 :|. Jimmy keep leveling up Noel, she’s looking solid. Ed come out and play some more, we need more people playing blazblue in columbus. Jetm (younger) good job, nice to see you. lol

Good shit to everyone that came out to CBB3 and everyone that played Blazblue last night. Best turnout yet. I hope to see some of you against at Seasons Beatings!

I asked him what was going on with that since I wanted to watch it, and he went looking for you and said when he asked you that you ignored him and walked away, or just sat down and was playing casuals. shrug

Just going by what I’m told.

Shoutouts to everybody. Seriously. I can’t sit here and name all of you. I mean the obvious is Justin Wong to being able to finally meet him, playing with you C-bus players is always a blast, and seeing familiar faces again from the past 2 bar battles and meeting new people is fun. Shame I had to quit out VF5, but my ride was leaving. Sad face. Run it back at Seasons Beatings! And dammit put it on a PS3. 360 pads suck, and Xconverters lag in VF5, at least it did for me when I tried it one game. Cost me that game since I couldn’t get anything on reaction, lol

I might come back in and make a more detailed post, but I’m too lazy right now. GS to all y’all.

Ha thanks bro.
That fight monay be serious business.

GS to all the TO’s who put this together. Shit was fun.

Gary/Ugo/Ed/Rob/Darshawn/Andre/Manny- Good shit riding out with you guys mad fun.

WSMS and the rest of clevland- Nice to see you all doing work out there, keep it up

Indiana- always nice seeing you guys. I tried Canes. GDLK.

Blasty- Thanks for letting the crew crash at your place man

And good shit to everyone I got to play with. GGs

Word up everyone!?

Here are the full results from Tekken 6 @ CBB3 in Columbus, OH:

Tekken 6 (22 entrants):

1st: Sluch (Lili, Christie, Alisa)
2nd: HaiGuy (Jack-6, Alisa, Nina)
3rd: Sdogs (Baek, Alisa, Christie)
4th: Drago (Bruce, King, Zafina, Armor King)
5th(T): Derrick Legend (Julia, Paul)
5th(T): Skeez (Kuma, Lars, Leo, Paul, Marduk)
7th(T): SpartaMA (Paul, Jack-6)
7th(T): Daddy Neptune (Feng, Steve, Baek)
9th(T): NoodleHead (Yoshimitsu, Baek)
9th(T): Nash (Devil Jin, Marduk, Kazuya)
9th(T): Barzaad (Lee)
9th(T): Lawman (Asuka)
13th(T): Actionhank (Bryan)
13th(T): Ailerus (Asuka)
13th(T): Osirun (Bruce)
13th(T): Rob Khonsu (Hwaorang)
13th(T): Karate Lincoln (Bob)
18th(T): VDO (King)
18th(T): Q (Bob)
18th(T): Justin Wong (Jack-6) - Forfeited 2nd match to play other games.
18th(T): Daron (Yoshimitsu) - Forfeited 2nd match to leave early.
18th(T): Kaleb (Christie) - Forfeited 2nd match to leave early.

I just wanted 2 say thank u 2 everyone that came out 2 CBB3 2 make it a hella fun tourney. Plus, Momos was the shiznite like always hosting another awesome event 4 us. Also, big thanks 2 Dandy J, Mr. Blasty, & the rest of the tournament organizers 2 getting everything 2gether 2 make this happen. Thank u so much everyone. :china:

I’ll be back on in the next day or two & post shout-outs 2 every1 in my normal fashion. :tup:

That’s all 4 now. Take it easy & have a good one. Peace. :china:


BB:CS guys: I really had a blast hanging out with you guys. You were chill, and we’ll definitely have to hang with you guys some more!

Brent, Dandy J & co.: Good Shit running this tourney, yo. I bet it was chaotic, but you guys pulled through, haha.

Some of the Michigan guys that I met were chill as hell. “Q” AKA Cobra, Rhino, Mad King, aaand I forget other names quite easily. Haha. But good to meet you guys. You were some fierce competition.

Thanks to everyone I’ve played for being friendly and respectful. I really had a great time interacting with you guys, even if I lost to you. If any of you guys still want to keep in touch, add me on Xbox Live, find me on Dustloop (same name), or add me on Facebook.

GS to DandyJ, Brent, and everyone else who ran brackets / stream / the event itself. It was a lot of fun : )
I hope you guys made out well after the switch to MoMo’s.

Good hanging with the BB:CS crew and thanks for working with me and Matt so easily when the BB brackets got started.

So was this the Road to Season’s Beatings? If so it was done up right! See everyone back at MoMo’s in October!

Hey great tournament guys. GGs to everybody I played and watched play. I tried to adjust my mindset for this tourney and just play my best without worrying about winning/losing, and it really seemed to pay off, although I feel I didn’t play as well in HDR as I could’ve. Momo’s is an awesome venue (with tasty food!) and I hope I can make it out for Season’s Beatings.