Columbus Bar Battles Gaiden Results and shout outs


**Super Street Fighter IV top 8 (20 dollar buy in) 95 entrants

  1. PR Balrog
  2. Flash Metroid
  3. Banana Ken
  4. Wolfkrone
  5. Perfect Legend
  6. Justin Wong
  7. Inthul
  8. Alucard

Super Street Fighter IV Teams

  1. Wolfkrone/Big Marcus/Banana Ken
  2. Pr Balrog/Flash Metroid/Perfect Legend
  3. Inthul/Noel/Justin Wong

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Toiyet
  3. VDO
  4. Tim Hitman
  5. Ghaleon

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (on super gun)

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Nomrah
  3. Immortal BmW
  4. Goyaboi
  5. PR Balrog
  6. Ghaleon
  7. PimpSirRichard
  8. Ghettoontherise

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

  1. Justin Wong
  2. MGear
  3. Ghaleon
  4. Ghettoontherise
  5. Banana Ken
  6. RyuX
  7. Crimson Tears
  8. SWAT*

Arcana Heart 3

  1. Banana Ken
  2. Butters
  4. Noel Brown
  5. Justin Wong
  6. LZX
  7. Rei-Scarred
  8. Effenhoog

Tekken 6

1: Honkey #1
2: TFA Hai
3: Joshimitsu


  1. Laoshu505000
  2. Derrick Legend
  3. Ghaleon


VDO is a beast, that marvel shit was hype. good shit


Top 5 in UMk3

1 LaoShu
2 Derrick Legend
3 Ghaleon
4 Tim Static

PS- someone post the VDO Marvel asap. couldnt see it when it happened :frowning:


Agreed with Tim Static.
That VDO vs. Toiyet set made the whole tournament for me! VDO was out for blood those first two rounds, man! Haha.

Shoutouts to Blasty, Dandy J, along with people who were helping you guys run tournaments and brackets and such (Ghaleon and Harmon, along with people I may have forgotten.) for putting Bar Battles Gaiden together and having it run smoothly.

Oh, and shoutouts to funny-ass commentary during SSFIV brackets.

Wish I could have been there. =( Learned my lesson not to miss a local tourney again.


Tekken 6:

1: Honkey #1
2: TFA Hai
3: Joshimitsu
4: Sluch
5: Rame
5: Perfect Legend
7: Trickster
7: Derrick Legend
9: hotdogs
9: ailerus
9: Arkayne
9: TheKiest

Bracket IMG:


Word up ppls!?

Here are the results for Tekken @ Columbus Bar Battles Gaiden along w/ characters used:

Tekken 6: (12 Entrants):

1st: Honkey#1 (Bob, Bryan)
2nd: Hai Guy (Jack-6)
3rd: Joshimitsu (Steve, Hwoarang)
4th: Sluch (Alisa, Lili, Christie, Zafina)
5th(T): Tuch Dis (Christie)
5th(T): Perfect Legend (Devil Jin, Bryan, Steve, Jack-6)
7th(T): Derrick Legend (Julia)
7th(T): Trickster (Miguel, Dragonuv)
9th(T): Sdogs (Alisa, Christie, Baek)
9th(T): Arkayne (Anna)
9th(T): The Kiest (Lee)
9th(T): Ailerus (Asuka)

I just wanted 2 say big props 2 all the TOs (Dandy J, Mr. Blasty, Face, & Ailerus) 4 running an awesome tourney & to Momos 4 being always awesome & having a great venue 2 host events like these @. Also, big props 2 The Kiest 4 helping me out in running the Tekken tourney & having the Tournament Organizer software on his computer 2 make running the tourney more easy & efficient. Also, big thanks 2 every1 that played in the tourney & props on the Top 3 in doing a job well done.

I’ll post up props & shout-outs 2maro when I get a chance. :tup:

Take it easy & have a good one. Peace. :china:

Edit: I just saw Kyle posted this up as well. Haha. Good stuff bro. :tup:


do you know what TO stands for lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo. Great tournament all around. I had a blast.


Blasty, Noel, and any other tournament organizers: Tournament was super well run. Good stuff.

Antwan: Good stuff beating me both times in the tourney. Once I learn to actually block Balrog overhead I think our matches will be way more even.

Dustin: You had me in the team tourney man. I can’t believe I won that match.

Banana Ken: It was fun playing you a couple of sets in casuals. Your Ken is too beastly.

Wolfkrone and everybody else in top 8: That was a super exciting top 8. Good stuff to all you guys. Wolfkrone eliminating JWong was probably the highlight of the tourney for me.

Toiyet: Good stuff being a total Marvel villian and running away like crazy (with MSP of all teams!) for the win!


Me and VDO “THE Rushdown God” can be found here - ColumbusFightingGames - Columbus Bar Battles Gaiden Jan 22nd starting around 53 minutes in. I am so happy he didn’t perfect me… cause it was happening. Thanks to my super lame run the fuck away until time runs out or until Juan runs into my assist, I was able to pull through in the end and earn them 25 bones.

I want to do shoutouts… but this my take a while…

Brent: Another success. I can’t thank you enough for endlessly making these tournaments happen. They are always a blasty (see what I did there) and always just about way too much fun. You are a great tournament organizer, an awesome commentator, and an even better bracket runner. Way to dq people for stepping out and I was truly inspired by your endless efforts to get people off the pool tables.

Juan: You are truly The Rushdown God. I’m always impressed every single time I get to play you. You take a team that shouldn’t win and you force it to win, whether it be through insane mix ups, infinites, crazy cross ups, or patient chasing. Keep up the work and I look forward to playing you in marvel 3.

Ghaleon: Next time we play for beer! Great shit with Cammy runaway as usual. I’ll keep playing this game if you can keep Ohio playing this game.

Tim: those were some very fun casual matches and from what I could tell, it would have went either way with us. I got mad lucky in the final round when you dropped a couple of crucial infinites, make sure that doesn’t happen next time.

Justin Wong: Your marvel blocking skills are incredible, I either couldn’t get close enough to attack or when I did, you just blocked it. You reaction time is just insane. I had a lot of fun playing you in super and so did my friend TJ, he knows the Rufus match inside and out, but the balrog match… no so much. I can’t wait to get to play you again.

PR Rog: Your throw spacing is just incredible and your mix ups are deadly. Congrats on winning and I enjoyed our casual matches before the tournament. You are a highly skilled player and I hope to beat, I mean play you again soon.

Flash: I can’t believe you got second, especially with you focusing on Makoto in all her AE glory. Mad impressive. I’m really sad I lost to you, maybe next time I can block a couple more mix ups and land my ultra a couple more times for the win, but who knows.

Wolfkrone: I won’t lie, your reaction time scares me. I’m not sure what I can do with Rufus to beat you, but I’m gonna find a way and show everyone. As for now, I’m happy being a Wolfkrone kronie.

Noel “Fucking” Brown: Amazing shit against the sagat player who’s name escapes me right now. Two amazing comebacks and some intense game play made that a lot of fun to watch. Just like when you beat wolf and banana ken. You are a great player and you’ve inspired me to pick up Kamui and get back on board with Arcana.

Inthul & Big Marcus: Good seeing you guys and you both owe me a money match. Marcus, congrats on winning the team tournament, you guys had a great run and I can’t wait to watch the team finals.

Banana Ken, you make me want to play Ken. Your vortex is just insane and hard as hell to block or break out of. Way to go beating all of Pittsburgh in Arcana too. I’m gonna join in and we’ll come back twice as strong. Look forward to playing in both games soon.

Alucard: Welcome back to the great world of fighting games. Even with a break you came back and got top 8. When we told you to turtle up against Wong, you made one of the great faces of all time. Keep up your rush down style, I just suggest you throw in blocking every now and then to make it that much stronger.

Carl: I only got to play you one match, which is shocking considering how much we usually end up playing. Next time, I’m say we commandeer a tv and play a shit load. Congrats on your placing and your vortex is continually getting better. Keep up the great work.

Nash: Thanks for not embarrassing me in Marvel by showing everyone how slow I wave dash in comparison to the fastest man on earth.

And lastly, to all of TFA, all of Ohio, to everyone who traveled out, thanks for making the trip and it was great seeing you all again. Can’t wait for the next big tournament.


It was as if we suggested he give up his first born child.


good shit to everyone that I saw and/or played especially brent and dandyj for continuing to throw awesome tourneys and I can’t wait to see people complain in stream chat about the SB6 stream


Raises Hand That would be me. TFA Kiu. That was a heck of a match, if only I had done Tiger Knee instead of Uppercut to cheese him out, and I would have won. TT^TT


too many people to give shout outs to, so i’ll just make it simple and say it was great to see everyone.

But good tournament, awesome Arcana Heart 3 turn out, really hoping to have Pittsburgh come out more.


Shoutouts to anyone I learned the names of.

(spoilers: none)


gg’s to everyone I played this weekend. had a blast.


Shout outs to Brent, Jason, and the rest of the staff. Shout outs to Banana Ken for raping Tony in the Arcana Heart 3 tournament and for giving hope to Ken players like myself (I was in the Antoine Dodson shirt btw). Shout outs to Ghostal for knocking me out of the tournament with Rog. Shout outs to fugee for getting that nigga Flash to come and bring more hilarity. Shout outs to anybody else I saw and everybody who came out for Columbus’s 2nd best kept secret. Fun shit!


Good shit to Blasty n DandyJ, Tournament was too awesome. Grats to all this winners. Bannana Ken’s AH3 play was just insane


Great tourney. Shout outs to Dandy J and Blasty for running yet another great event. GGs, to everyone I played in 3s. It was great to see a gathering of quite a few legit 3s players once again.


Bad games to the dbag who stole my coat and tried to jack Osirun’s Wii. Queer.

Thanks for a fun time! It was good to see all of you again! Marvel was hype and so was SSF4! Grats To Wolfkrone for knocking Jwong out of the tournamnet!

GGs to everyone I played in Samurai Kirby. Jwong wouldn’t play me :frowning: oh well, next time.

Nash: Good games in Marvel! Maybe I should change my handle to “Little VDO”, eh?


At that request, that will be the first footage I edit and upload, sir.

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