Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!

Hey Cbus guys, Im running an IGAU tourney tonight at the Gamestop 1704 Morse Road. Not sure exactly what the prize is yet, but i’ll have 2 set ups running the game. Doors open at 10pm if anyone’s interested.

Hi guys, I’m moving to Columbus in June. My favorite game is MVC2, does anyone still play it? I can also play AE and Mvc3 and other random games. I hope we can become friends <3

Heya guys,

Take a look and see if you can make it down for the Injustice, MK9 and/or UMK3 action.

Brutality - May 2013

Good games to all in KOF. Not that I like to rely on one character, but Shen was definitely helping out in a lot of matches. Hope to get Leona back up to that point.

Michigan Masters is coming June 1
Location 18600 Haggerty Rd Livonia, MI 48152
@ Schoolcraft VisTaTech Center & Waterman Campus Center

Venue fee is $5 tourney is $10
We will be running SSF4ae, UMvC3, TTT2, SFxT, and P4A

Come check us out.

Rocket Punch 4!

Since no one decided to post it up here.

“FIRST WEEK of each month will be TUESDAY fight night @ Donatos. Every other week will be a wednesday. I have this schedule through out summer until around school starts”

Good to know.

So this week’s fight night is gonna be Tuesday? Planning on going this week since I’m going to Montreal this weekend for Ultimate Montreal Air Dashers, want to get in more Guilty Gear practice while I can. I’ll bring my setup+monitor for Guilty Gear, hope to see people show up.

'course if people just want to start learning Guilty Gear in preparation for AC+R I’m willing to help with that too.

Man after all the hype with Lethal League my work schedule changed up this week so I have no idea when I’ll be able to show up. :frowning:

Heads up! Doing an experimental stream from Donato’s tonight! Mostly Lethal League

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Coming this Wednesday with JetM and Townes

The Facebook group killed this forum, Once 16 bit opens up someone should post up a review here.

Hi there! im going up to columbus for college and i and some of my friends really like to playfighting games (specifically marvel). do you guys still meet? Thanks

Sure do. Show up to the Donato’s Basement on Wednesdays (though it’s Tuesdays the first week of the month) eat pizza and have fun.

A few friends and I might be trying to make the hour drive up and play some games one of these Wednesdays you guys need anymore t.v.s or anything? I had a weekly running down here in Zanesville but I lost my spot. This will probably be better in the long run for our scene anyway.

Edit: A little personal info as this is my first post.
XBL: Disaster740 add me!

I play mostly UMVC3 and I:GAU right now. But I dabble in all things SF. GG always treats me right. I like to play TTT2 really badly. Also, I’ve been meaning to get better at Skullgirls :P.

Hey guys. You can generally count on someone playing UMvC3 at game nights, AE depends on who brings a setup, and GG and Skullgirls have seen more play as of late. I can’t guarantee TTT2 will always be there, but we’ve got 2-3 regulars willing to play it if there’s a setup. TVs are appreciated, as are power strips. Only so many wall outlets to work with!

Our regular meet up spot is Donatos Pizza on North High Street, at North High Street and Frambes. Action can start as early as 6 but most people are there around 7, ends right at midnight.

Also if you’re on Facebook, check out the Columbus Fighting Games FB group. That’s where most of the action is these days.

Hope to see you soon!

Hey, is there any chance someone could host Injustice on the off days aside from Weds? I still don’t own a console, but watching yesterday’s matches on EVO makes me want to dick around with Nightwing more. Also is anyone here interested in the new Jojo’s coming out next month? I know it’s an import, but I’ll be bringing it once I get it next month if there’s a free TV to use at Donatos.

Hey, I’ll be moving to just outside Columbus this Saturday, never lived close to a bigger city. I’d just love to know if things are still going. I checked the facebook page but it just says closed. Let me know, I have a monitor/speakers that I could bring since I know those are typically in short supply.

Things are still going strong.