Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!

Thanks for providing an understanding of your personal experiences in relation to your event. This wasn’t entirely necessary but very few people including myself would appreciate measures like these cause it provides an answer that someone with similar experiences can relate to. Although I wouldn’t doubt you created an account solely to promote this event, I truly appreciate your response.
Firstly and personally, I’m not interested in “everything” like I how I was 20 years ago. So it’s not a matter of “it doesn’t matter if it’s something you’re not interested in” because thats totally not the case. Besides your explanation you gave that only someone alive during the peak of the game’s popularity would be able to interpret, that statement alone exactly the opposite of what you wish to accomplish.
What I mean by that is simple, you say it’s about fun but what’s fun about something no one has access to? Nobody (a collector/under 30) has a SNES laying around. Even if one interested enough were to jump through hoops and emulate the rom, they wouldnt have a snes controller. Keep in mind, this is for a once in a who knows event. To say “it’s not person X’s cup of tea” is pure horseshit wasting your imagination assuming a specific person wouldn’t be interested in something that’s not available to them. You claim to be of the retro game type so it’s expected you’ll have the means to lying around.
You talk about fun. I’m all for having a fun time. Always been. Especially when it makes sense. When there is nothing interesting about something the modern day players or even kids were alive to know about.

I’m not dissing the event or what you’re trying to accomplish but I felt the need to use your event as an example to point out how ignorant users here can be by putting down better events. Mediocre events are often of the cause this. They confuse people.

Yeah I’m totally confused, nearly all my local friends had SNES’s and they’re under 30. Must’ve been collectors behind my back.

Yes you are very confused. Responding to what I have to say by not only being retarded as shit, but you’re referencing the past. This is exactly what I’m talking about with how ignorant people that post here are on the regular.
How does what all you’re friends HAD relate to what they don’t HAVE and just about nobody can get now. You cannot go to best buy/target/any retail store, and buy a snes cartridge. That’s one of the points I tried to get across. Besides the other point of everyone being stupid and flaming another event without any reasoning. It’s like people here and in person say to themselves “I don’t mind being stupid even if it’s wrong, as long as the majority is cool with it because that makes it right all of a sudden.”. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know how to rank that mentality.
In a normal forum with quality people/players/decent anything, that’s absolutely unacceptable behavior. Because its stupid. That’s one of the many problems on this forum.
The guy took time to explain what he had going on, it made sense to me having as much history as I do, therefore it’s RESPECTABLE (knowing his story). The game is to old, and unaccesable to hold an event for. That’s my personal opinion. Anyone can throw a tournament for anything. Either way it does nothing for this board. This forum is so caught in bullshit that nobody has any respect for anybody. Anybody good I mean.

If i felt like wasting my time I know I could easily win but that’s no fun. Let’s have fun… Since you and your friends like super nintendo so much I’ll pay for you to enter. I might even cover your gas too… I wanna watch you win since you got something to say. :slight_smile:

rofl you never disappoint me, all your posts are gold.

Alright, I’ll bite. Who are these “good” players and what can we do to show them the respect they deserve?


Posted in the SFxT main thread, this guy is a genius.

Yayyy Buddy!!!

No one and nothing.

I think I know a store or two that sells the stuff every day…

Results of the SFIIT tournament are here

im the best.

You don’t get it. Thats very funny to me. Stop being stupid and you wont have to worry about it. When you act dumb, it will become apparent real fast. You prove this by jokingly posting as if what I said in previous posts weren’t serious. You and many others demonstrate a lame mentality by doing this. Usually happens when I speak. In just about every situation, those trying to be funny won’t even attempt to, or can do something about it. So my question to you is what purpose did your quote have to do with anything?

Big city hustla is back at it again.

Tell me a major retail chain that sells 20 years old videos games. Until then…

Whats your problem? He’s posted tourney info in here before, and if you dont like it, then dont respond to it. You dont have to go, and if you havent figured it out, this kind of thing isnt geared towards every single member of this community. If i was him, i’d also see this is a good place to post about what he is doing just to get people to his store. You dont represent all of us or anyone else imo. Get the stick outta your ass, bro. its annoying.

Last I checked stores like Target, Gamestop, and Best Buy all carry the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. All of these systems have ports of 20+ year old games. NES, SNES, Genesis, and PS1 games are still relevant and being sold new on a daily basis as downloadable titles. And I’m not even counting the HD Remix style games.

Please drop this. I think I understand why you are upset, but your arguments are only going to make people mad. Rather than attacking something we love, I would suggest instead telling us why we should respect the Indiana tournament (I think that’s what this is about right?).

Honestly the retro game tournies sound like fun. If I still lived in cbus I would probably make more of an effort to come out for them.



Many thanks to those who played the Guilty Gears. I had fun, and I hope some of you did. I was impressed by several players’ performance. If it’s alright with Jesse, I will continue to run this game at ranbats in case people still wants to play.

Many sad faces to being too late for takkyuu.

Noticed that Half-Priced books have marked down the Wii fight sticks to $14.95. Which I guess is great if you still play TvC and… um… yeah.

Personally I’m more tempted to take out the boards and turn them into SNES sticks or the like.

Anyone getting that new nayruto game?

bah… double edit// slight sarcasm should be read into following paragraph… (light heartedly :smiley:
no… 20 plus year old games are irrelevant due to the fact that other than my own generation doesnt know how to access them. real talk. its not fair if some one that knows how and where to track down an old console (which is very easy) cant afford to pick up an old game/console out of nostalgia and not necessity. kids these days care more about whats the NEW shit and what people that DONT know what good games are and sell out by playing what MOST people are playing cause they wanna sell out and look cool infront of their friends instead of talking and looking like they speak real talk and not what the truth is…instead of just having fun and enjoying games they’ve played growing up. ive been inactive and suck at ‘pro-level-gaming’… but its conversation like this that i consider ridiculous.

sure some gamers here are better than others… duh. - no… FUCKING DUH. doesnt mean we need to rub it in everyone else’s face for recognition. you dont think we see true skill when we witness it? maybe we use our humor and /“stupidity” just to deal with the fact that we do in fact recognize true skill and not dick ride like alot of …for example “diago dick riders”… were the midwest… were columbus… we lack alot of strong fighters/gamers… but we also realize we have some that are worth recognizing… doesnt mean dick riding is in order…
i of all people am the last fool to even state this. i suck, love drinking more than gaming…yet, love the community…(even though absent for some time). i realize respect is given were respect is due… but if respect isnt given… dont harp on the fact you/others arent getting it… be patient and wait for it. dont expect it. ill give props any time my ass is beat, which isnt hard… but shit. seems like some people here rather pump their own heads up then wait for true recognition. and again, i may have had too many drinks tonight myself and speak out of turn, and im fine with being pointed out wrong… i invite it… just calm the fuck down… enjoy your games… and if you take pride in a game youre good at …and strive at it… you WILL get the RECOGNITION you DESERVE.
*back to online gaming.

i will acknowledge the fact your (what i believe trying to get to)… where all of us as ‘competitive gamers’ need to possible get real and see where we truly stand in the over all competitive scene… just could be done with more tact and less attitude … but obviously were on the interwebs and can only interpret what we read. no personal shit brought on my end… just forum talk. ill say the same face to face… which im bout to show up to a game night for some sfxt… so call me out if you wish. but as a scrub… who am i right?

//triple edit…and again… im willing to admit i missed the whole topic of this conversation and need to shut the fuck up… im ok with that. still think i had a point to convey at the least…

Sup dj, shoutouts to drinking. Right now I’m getting hammered on shitty 5$ gin no regrets. I’ll prolly see ya’ll this week, play SC5 plz.