Columbus Ohio May 5th


I am currently in planning a tournament in Columbus Ohio. I was wondering what are the most popular games you guys would like to play. The location is TBA. the tournament will also be a LAN as well the prices for now are tentative

$5 entrance
$5 per person per game tournament

1st- 70% of pot
2nd- 20% of pot
3rd- 10% of pot

This goes for all the games

for console…

Street Fighter Alpha
Street Fighter II & III (3rd Strike)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Tekken 5 (maybe DR)
Guilty Gear X
Capcom vs. SnK 2
Halo 2
Guitar Hero 2


CS 1.6
Starcraft: BW
Warcraft 3: FT

  • This is just a rough list. If any of you think there are other popular games feel free to add something

These are for tournaments, pubbing and casual playing is free (ofcourse entrance fee is required)

Not Guilty Gear XX/?

It’s the newest one…

lol mybad

damn, c-bus tournies every other week it seems.

first, you want the tournament fee to be $10 per game. it’s the standard that people expect and they pay it.

the most popular games in this region are street fighter III: 3S and some form of tekken, either 5 or DR. i don’t play tekken, so i’ve got nothing. then it’s either marvel or guilty gear, then die hard cvs2 players like me who try to keep the game alive (with the help of michigan players). people will play alpha 3, but they won’t pay $10 for it, maybe $5 for nostalgia’s sake. hope that helps.

and i’m hoping the venue is pretty big to accommodate fighting game players AND LAN guys…


Venue is in search right now. Enough to power everything and hopefully sponsers so we will have drawings for prizes, that is what i see in the future.

what about vf5?

vf5? im not much of a console player, so im open to games u guys would like to have

lol! ok,so many columbus tourneys going on this year its funny to see actually:D Well,street fighter caught my eye.Halo 2?(hehehe…sounds interesting).Keep me posted on the spot.Yeah,10$ sounds about right.But i wont complain about 5,lol!

WTF… why the hell are there so many columbus touraments happening at one time…??

Hey dude, we have a venue set up for [edit: soon] for the next C-bus tourney. Can you talk to Paladin (John, you can PM him from the C-bus tourney thread in Tourney Results) and possibly space these out more effectively? Not to be bossy but he already has the venue set for the previous week, but maybe one of you can switch the date.

Or if the dates are both set, just scrap your fighters. That is an ASS load of tourneys to run in one day already for PC, let alone that big list of console games. Halo and GH alone will dwarf the fighters.

It’s good you’re trying to represent fighters though, the scene will try to help work out the date, times and the games list.

Agreed on the $10 tourney game fee. It’s standard and it gives people a reason to travel.

And what Popoblo said about the main games: 3s & DR for the main events, everything else is secondary basically.

Im up for helping with the venue I have, but Ghaleon might be right on the spacing. Just send me a PM Osux if you want some details on the venue or anything else. Other than that, I think I’ll check this out too, Im always up for a good tourney.

hmm i know having just consoles makes it easier to find a venue, but is there one that can support 100+ computers? each computer takes about 3 amps thats finding a facility large enough with more then 400 amps. I want this event to be a place where all kinds of gamers can meet and have fun.

asrry for not using the edit button…too lazy, anyways I am also looking for a location that is very close to the OSU campus, so it allows students that live near campus to participate.

Sounds good. Hope your plan succeeds. I’ll attend, if everything turns out.

wait alpha as in… HYPER ALPHA? Though I say yea lots of tournies… Why not wait for AC to come out a few weeks later in then throw it. If hyper alpha there ac, and im all done with surgery stuff id probably try and come.

I can’t hold it at a different date. The reason? this will be one of the events featured for APAHM month, a month for asian heritage, just like february is for african americans.

haha thats awesome… i didnt know may was a month for asian heritage month… our month w00t!!! hope your event will succeed cause i wanna go :wgrin:

Well the tourny will now be either on the 5th or 12th of may i will post asap when i find additional info. There will also be a website most likely for sign ups.

OK, unless you’re hosting this in a warehouse with an army of expert tourney organizers for two full days, you’re going to have to limit yourself here. Halo 2 alone will be huge and require a Whopper-sized amount of resources. You can’t have 10 console tourneys running together in one day AND a ton of computer tournaments, it’s not possible. You need to find a venue first of all and then see what kind of space you’re dealing with.

I dunno about PC tournies, but console tournies at least should be $10/game, the standard that gives people incentive to drive out.