Com 2 jvs i/o (naomi) emulation project


Hello to the community. Im elkiman and i want to present my project com2jvs: its a software based solution to change the jvs i/o board and put a pc with com port and with direct input use the pc joystick, racing wheel, pc guns into the naomi sistem via RS485 (pc com to naomi 485).

The next week i try to update with my test with the new version of the emulation software (for now only makes communication).

Its the beggining of the project and i need documentation and if someone can help reply this message.


Yes, please continue with this project. Sounds very interesting!


IMO, there are 2 games that need to be the focus if this project - MvC2 and CvS2.


VIrtual On!


You don’t even need the JVS interface for those. You can use Dreamcast controllers and wire directly into the Maple bus on the NAOMI. Not all NAOMI games utilize the Maple bus, but to my knowledge, all Capcom games do.


The project continue, but ineed moore time to develop the hardware interface to trick the naomi board.
The board dont understand my serial commands because i cant trick with the sense line.

And for undamned: if you dont have a jvs board, the games wont boot.
I have dreamcast controllers but without a jvsboard you cant use this controllers.

Thanks for your attention.