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Derek Daniels, past combat designer for God of War (now at Activision) made a great post recently where him and his friend tried to think of all the types of moves in fighting games (particularly capcom games). check the link.

the rest of his blog is pretty killer too :lovin:

fyi hes one of the founders of this site

What are you talking about?

Derek, Javier Moreno, Seth Killian, James Chen, and myself several other people helped provide content and update the news feed during the site’s infancy. That’s a huge deal, and they deserve a lot of thanks for that, but “founder” means something very specific and none of those people qualify.

There is exactly 1 founder of, and that’s inkblot.

Haha Ponder I think you’re arguing semantics here! It’s super nice of you to give proper credit where due, but damn it man take some of your well-deserved respect and glory. :rofl:

Derek and yourself, and the others you listed, are founding members. (sassy face)

ya ok my bad mr nitpick

Sure, it seems like a nit. Here’s my perspective though.

“Founder” has a very well known, specific meaning. A founder is the person who is the first creator. The person who thought of the concept and built it from nothing. Generally founders put in an extraordinary amount of blood, sweat, and tears during this act of creation. This was true for SRK. The old school content creators were and continue to be critical to the success of this site, but I spent hundreds of hours developing the SRK concept and building out the first version of the site before anyone else was involved. Financially, over the lifetime of SRK I have laid out more than enough to cover one of these babies, fully loaded. This represents a huge risk in time and money invested, and it’s on me, not anyone else.

For a long time I had your same attitude and wasn’t really picky about this, but as of late my level of my involvement is completely lost on the newer generation of players. Over the past year I have had this same conversation with many newer players I meet:

Player: Hi nice to meet you. What’s your SRK name?
inkblot: Nice to meet you. Inkblot.
Player: Oh, aren’t you a mod or something?
inkblot: …

So no, it’s not “just semantics” and I think I’ve earned the distinction.

SPECIAL NOTE: This has nothing to do with whether omni is a long-time respected member of the FCG and general all around cool guy. He obviously is.

thanks inkblot :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thread but it’s not really needed. I just regurgitate agsf2 and viscant.

Inkblot is 100% the founder of SRK. We were all busy with and IRC when Ink out of nowhere busted out a world wide web site! Supported Netscape and IE!! Don’t forget it probably also had frames also (damn, i forget but I really hope it did).

BTW - why isn’t there an Ink needs a 370z fund? :slight_smile:

Derek Daniels

That doesn’t sound right, that doesn’t sound right at all.

I thought Viscant was a bottom and not a top? :rofl:

The important thing to remember is that they’re ALL cooler than us. They get more ladies. People throw underwear at them in the street (men and women). Obama has given them reprieve from any future crimes. The mere fact that they allow us to log into this forum is testament to how much we owe them.

Also, can I be a mod?

(Don’t hit me, this is seriously a joke.)

So here’s a funny story. I’m sitting in my office at work, trying to look like I’m doing something important when inkblot ambles in and says, “I’m going to create a portal for competitive Street Fighter.” My immediate response was, “Why the fuck would you want to do that? all this information is already on and you’re going to lay out a ton of money and effort with no way to recoup the costs just to put some pretty pictures of Chun Li behind it? Are you mad.”

So, no, I do not take any of the credit behind this. I’ve contributed my share over the years (APEX, Evo mover and shaker, GGPO, etc.), but the SRK we all love (and love to hate sometime… i’m looking at you GD) was entirely ink’s endeavor.

purrty red names @__@
nevar seen that before o__o

this thread looks like its to good for me to be in it…
do i have to pay to post in it?

:tdown:polarity ruined this thread

Execution Aid

I appreciate Inkblot’s efforts for the community he’s helped galvanize over the years. Same goes for Ponder, I have a lot of respect and hold him in high regard.

Recently, I was inspired to give something to the community myself, in fact, with Execution Aid. I figured, if anyone would appreciate my small contribution, it would be these guys most of all (well, “small contribution” compared to something like “GGPO”, in any case). But actually, that wasn’t the case. Ink(Out?) curtly said something like “that’s only for scrubs”. He wasn’t even interested in the spreadsheet/APM-like aspect of it! Others close to him on the food chain were similarly non-plused. Belaboring the point trying to explain its precision of milliseconds only got me banished from town like a snake oil salesman by one of them.

So look, if either one of you guys are having a bad day and feeling like no one appreciates what you’re trying to do, just know that I know how that feels now, for whatever that’s worth. Well, not, “fully loaded new Nissan” knows how it feels, but I think I get the basic drift. I’ve BEEN there man. Gimme a high five! Awright!! I’m down! don’t leamme hangin here…

btw in PGR2, all of you can still “get the basic drift” of that Nissan, it’s in the class with the BMW M3 and Audi S4 and if you crash it, it still drives like new and you can even race your own ghost or that of another person; you can’t even do that in real life.

salutes inkblot
Sir, thank you very much for all your hard effort. And it’s true, us younguns don’t really know about you, sorry for the ignorance.


To get back on topic, that original list by Omni and co. needs some serious revision, because it is indeed far from accurate.

Fighting through adversity is part of founding something. If everyone thought your idea was a good one then odds are someone else would have already done it! See Ponder’s comment above for some of the skepticism I recieved when building SRK. The founder’s gift is that they have some particular insight that lets them see potential that everyone else misses. If your insight is correct and you work hard, then there’s a decent shot that your project will be successful. If not, learn from the experience and move on to the next project. Keep on truckin.

This is an interesting discussion, but as ultima points out it’s a different one from the original thread topic. Maybe it’s time to split the thread.

They failed because parry was introduced in Samurai Shodown series, not in Street Fighter III. Or is this CAPCOM-Only overview? If so its kinda one-sided

Reading comprehension folks:

“This is by no means all inclusive or perhaps even accurate. More or less a brain dump we had at [Borders]”

And it’s not an interview. It’s a discussion between some of the best combat/game designers in the industry.

They just blogging man :lol: You can’t really cover everything.

Anyway, I helped introduce several combat systems to SNK back in the day. Their first parry was in World Heroes 2. It was supposed to be a J. Carn only special move…

Parry was also in Samurai Showdown II. You can tap back at last second with any character or you had a special-move type of parry which jubei, haohmaru, etc had. I can’t remember everything either :sweat: