Combining 2 sticks into one

Ok. So i Have 2 TE Blazblue fightsticks. one is for xbox360 and other for PS3.
I would like to combine the 2. My idea is to remove all the pcb’s from the ps3 stick…install
the pcb’s on the 360 stick…then connect the ps3 pcb’s to joystick and buttons of the xbox stick.
of corse i will also bring over the cord from the ps3 stick. So basically I will end up with 2 cords.
when i’m not using one…I will store the one not being used in the cord compartment. I will also move
over everything that is ps3 specific. will this work? my thinking is that as long as i dont plug both
cords in at the same time…it should work. i had another te stick that i sent out to get dual modded…
it lasted 2 weeks…then it wouldnt work… resend it out to get fixed… got it back…and it worked for
1 month then broke again. i gave up on it. I have a 360… no ps3. most tournys are ps3. Since I play xbox,
my ps3 stick feels completly diffrent than the xbox stick…even though they are the identical model.
this is why i want to do this.

And you thought this deserved it’s own thread?
Jesus dude delete this and post in the existing forums for these kinds of things.

Are you talking about wiring two different PCB’s to the same buttons and stick at the same time? I’m confused.

Yes this will work; this is exactly how I “dual-modded” my SFIV TE Stick.

i’m pretty sure this will work…it’ll be ugly, and you might get shorts, but it’ll work…

Only thing that is needed to be said is to point the OP to this Link

Dual Modding 101

Seven215 all you need to know is click that link and head to that thread.
And you do not need 2 USB cords coming out of your system to make this happen.

yup… thats exatcly what i’m saying.

so… according to that link. this will work. but since the madcats te stick is common ground… i just have to make sure i match the wires…ground with ground…and signal with signal.
Darksakul… thanks for the link. as far a having only 1 cord… it doesnt bother me to have 2 cords… i wanna keep this as simple as possible… i dont feel like soldering. i have done a padhack in the past… and i just dont feel like all the work.

You forget you also have to match the power lines as well.

Reason I sugest 1 cord is the following:

Reduce clutter
Reduce the chance of accidentally plugging in both cords, which would ruin both PCBs

This can be done with an Imp or a Double pole Double throw switch (DPDT)

But that is all up to you.

Why would i have to match power lines? all i’m doing is connecting buttons and joystick. what powerlines. i’m confused now. correct me if im wrong…
but im connecting buttons…and joystick…i dont see what power i need for that other than the power from when i plug the appropriate cord into the xbox or 360.

Yes, that is what a Dual Mod is.

Golden Rules of a Dual Mod.

i did read that. logically… i dont understand why. If i connect the xbox usb cable… then essentially i am already providing power to the xbox components. i dont see why i need to provide power to a pcb that im not even using at that current time.

Just spend the extra money to make it easy to dual mod. Instead of buying a soldering iron kit, wire stripper/cutter, and what ever random stuff you may need to dual mod,put that money into a TE kitty. You only need scissors, screw driver and a hobby knife or razor.

Buy a TE Kitty and be done with it in an hour or two.

you need to power both PCB’s because you may get wacked out signals because of the drain from the unpowered USB
just get a TE Kitty and be done with it

Dont touch the ps3 one, just find a nearby modder and send them the 360 stick to get dual modded. Cheaper, easier for you, and better final results.
What you’re asking is technically possible, sure, but since you’re asking the question, it’s not worth the risk, since a mishap could mean the end of both of your sticks.