Combining a GC Arcade Stick With a PS3 Controller


I’m new to this forum, so be gentle if this is a stupid question:

I have an arcade stick from back when I played on the Gamecube, and I recently received a buggy PS3 Sixaxis controller. I’ve been getting back into SF4 after playing in the arcade a bit, and I want to practice at home, so I want to have an arcade stick at home.

Is it possible to take this:

and combine it with this:

Using this:

I can post the guts of both controllers if necessary. Also, the only thing that makes the sixaxis buggy is that the analog stick is broken, which from what I understand won’t affect this mod because I should be using the d-pad.

Thanks for any sage advice on this!


The SIXAXIS’s wonky analog stick can be locked in place if you know what you’re doing with a pair of resistors. Trying to use the SIXAXIS with the wonky analog would not be recommended, because most games still accept inputs from both the dpad and analog sticks. So, the SIXAXIS you have can be used, but requires some careful soldering work to fix the analog problem before anyone would say it works well.

However, If you were to use the SIXAXIS in a stick, you wouldn’t be able to use any other pcb with it; no dualmodding.

What I would recommend instead is remove the existing pcb in the Pelican, and replace it with one of these:
Toodles Cthulhu for Multi-Console

You could even use the existing XBOX+GC+PSX cord on the pelican and wire it to the MC Cthulhu. Or you could install an RJ-45 jack, or just solder USB and GameCube cables to the MC by itself. Lots of options, way easier to install than what you’re describing.


i did this it, wasn’t so bad, the button holes are a little small, be ready for some drumeling if you want to switch out the buttons, or joystick.

toodles, i hate you! lol why didn’t i think of this. this is a great idea, and looking back i don’t think i would done the SIXAXIS mod. i would listen to toodles.


Thanks guys, you’ve provided some much needed insight.

Forgot to add: The Pelican in the pic I posted isn’t exactly the one I have, guess I should have looked closer at it before I posted. It’s the same style, but it’s only wired for the GC.

I’m fine with a little extra work, plus I’d really like the mobility of a wireless stick, so I think I’m going to go with the sixaxis mod.

I guess what I’m mostly wondering is how difficult it will be to attach the wires going from the button actuator to the new PCB. Is it just a matter of stripping the wires and wrapping them around the screw on the board? It seems pretty simple, but I don’t want to assume.


It actually is almost that simple. I say almost because the stick is currently wired with one ground going to all buttons and stick (most likely, not 100% on that without inside pictures). The AXISdapter uses one common for the stick and L1 and L2, and a different common for the face buttons and R1 and R2. Start, select, and home can use either common. So its mostly that simple, but you’ll have to do a little bit of rewiring, and handle the wonky analog if it affect gameplay.


I’ll post pics of the guts when I get home to verify the ground to each button, I appreciate the help you’re giving me, man.

Sidenote: What are the COM ports on the Axisadapter used for? I’m at work right now, so my memory of the wiring and controller may be a little fuzzy but the d-pad, face buttons and triggers seem to all be accounted for without the COM ports.

Edit: Forget that last part, I just realized that’s exactly what you were explaining in your last post.


You know, on second thought, I may just end up springing for the Cthulhu if only to have the option of dualmodding later.

I’m gonna wait on this for a few days so I can weigh the pros and cons and make a fully informed decision.


Okay, I’ve taken it as far down as I can before I go ahead and order the parts.

Took off the black sheet on top and removed the ‘Z’ ‘Start’ and ‘Mode’ buttons with plans to move two of them to the side or back of the unit for START and HOME. I also plan on cutting down the top of the unit to fit the basic angular box shape, and then covering it with wood laminate.

Toodles, can you tell me from the picture if I have the common grounds or the individual grounds? Here is the board that I took out of the unit:

Obviously you can’t read what it says because of my shitty camera quality, but the top connector is for Z, Y, X, A and B, the left connector is for START, MODE, RT, and LED and the bottom is for LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LT

Here are the insides:

With this situation can I just daisy-chain the appropriate grounds to a new wire and plug that into the common ground on the new PCB I order?

BTW I decided to go back to what I had originally planned with the sixaxis mod. It seems more practical because I’ll really only be playing with a couple of friends and they both play on PS3. If I decide I think I’m good enough for tournament play, I can always make another unit. This is my first, after all.


I cant make much out in those pictures, but it does look like each microswitch has two separate wires coming off of it. So you can rig it up however you like; you should be good to go to wire it up for either an MC Cthulhu or AXISdapter, whichever you prefer.


Just to confirm: say I want to put SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, and R1 on their new common ground. Would it be best to chain SQUARE to X, X to CIRCLE, etc. until I get R1 to ground? Or should I just connect all the individual wires together at the endpoint on the PCB, making it effectively: SQUARE to com ground, X to (same) com ground, etc.?


Doesn’t matter, either way will work. Go with whichever way is easiest.



Thanks for all the help again. Without this I probably would have gone out and picked up a new setup for close to $100. My wallet and my girlfriend both thank you! Haha.

I’ll post pics when I’m fully done with it.