Combo after charging star

Just a question thread.
If I want to punish a projectile, which version should I use?
After it hits how do I combo after it?

Also, can I get a launcher off of any throws? How?

  1. depends on spacing of the characters., if you are full screen, u will need to dash then use H charging star. the other versions work from a little closer. no version is safe.

  2. after it hits, combo straight into Hyper Charging star. that’s usually the best way to punish unless u burn xfactor or use an assist at the same time to rejuggle

  3. you can get launches off very low air throws and ground throws but u will need to have x factor or an assist. with x factor, u can do OTG shield slash, x factor, then S for relaunch.

If you have an assist like doom beam u can do throw, call beam, otg shield slash, H, let shield hit on way back, S for relaunch

general thread…go to there

off of a back throw, do a back dash canceled into OTG shield slash and you can re-launch without using x factor.