Combo after dizzy

I heard a whlie back that you can keep a combo going after/during a dizzy has occured. Is that true? My friend told me that J. Wong did it in one of his videos one time. Can someone prove that it can be done.

No it’s not possible to combo after a dizzy effect in marvel, however with mag it’s a pretty good sj grab set up if you are in the corner.

The proof you need is the best combo in Meikyousisui Volume 10 (Rogue/Psylocke/Ruby Heart). That is why the combo reaches 999. You wont be able to do it in a real match though…

Sure, it’s easy to combo after a dizzy in MSH if the critical hit freezes your opponent with Shuma Gorath’s Time Gem or catches him with Thanos’ Gauntlet Soul. This forces your opponent to remain in the combo even after the critical hit.