Combo Assist mode. Yay or Nay?


I’m not for or against it being in the game. However I do have an opinion on fighting games and execution in general. I believe execution is part of the game. Along with playing mind games, being able to perform commands under a stressful situation, being pressured and still being able to execute is part of fighting games. Not only the mind games but being able to execute your commands. Especially a very damaging move. I feel it should have some level of complexity as you’re rewarded with huge damage. There are people who feel that fighting games are nothing but mind games and that execution is unnecessary and should be removed.

What do you guys think?


I feel like theres a certain level of execution that a fighting game needs to have, for me to find it enjoyable and rewarding.
sf5 is doing good things in that regard. KI already was the easiest fg to play after rising thunder, at least execution wise.
I think this assist stuff is only good for casual scrubs,but wont bring in any new people.


I was browsing different forums and found this thread and was amazed at what I found.

some of the things I found there was simply unreal.

I also agree that KI has very easy inputs as well as Mortal Kombat. While games like rising thunder remove inputs. I’m not sure if something like this will benefit players. Giving them something like this I think will give them an expectation for other fighters. I dunno.


This isn’t really anything more than Stylish mode in anime fighters tbh.
Sure you can mash 1 button but anyone who knows what they are doing will easily break your combo anyway.

  • If you get used to just mashing 1 button you’re actively teaching yourself bad habits so in the long run you’re kinda screwing yourself.

I guess people who really like watching fighters but lack execution can now at the very least play the story modes and what not, have a good laugh and maybe get motivated to learn it properly? :slight_smile:


I personally love it. I use a combination of Combo Assist and Normal gameplay.


I Don’t know how to feel about it.On the one hand I Don’t have a fight stick for the XB1 and doing combos on a pad after dropping it to learn stick feels weird.So being able to just do auto combos feels nice at the moment but i will eventually get a hold of AS and learn proper.But i feel like for players new to fighting games there’s gonna be that disconnect of since they don’t really have to practice and learn combos that they won’t feel as attached to any character and are more likely to just drop it if they lose enough games because one button combos don’t really help against people that understand spacing,frame data,ect.


To be honest, I think Combo Assist Mode is the way to do it. Give players who don’t want execution hurdles a way to still play the game and have fun, but make it restrictive enough that players who want to put the effort in will have more options. It’s not like execution is a huge hurdle in KI to begin with since the most complicated motion is a DP, and as far as I know those are always enders. It helps people get right into the meat of the game rather than being stuck practicing quarter circles, and if they enjoy the game they’re probably going to practice their inputs sooner or later.