Combo Avatars (aka Celcius request thread)

Since so many people were interested in the mvc2 combo avatars I made, I decided to make a request thread. The style is the character’s face on one side of the av and a combo video running in the background.

Notice: Starting 5/18/07 my 30 day Photoshop trial will expire and I will no longer be able to make avatars.


  1. Premium only. They’re just too big for non-prem. Also, there’s really not space in the avatars for names.
  2. The 2 week rule is in effect. If I or anyone else has made you an av, please wear it for 2 weeks before requesting another one.
  3. The default is where you tell me what character you want and I handle the rest, but if there’s a particular combo or character picture you want, let me know.
  4. Also, if you like your av feel free to give rep.

Pick ups:

(Biolink - sentinel)

(Christ0pher - makoto)

(Shadow Ace 50 - dr doom)

(KnuckIfYouBuckley - strider)

(free for anyone to pickup)

(goleafsgoaz - psylocke)

(tat guy - yamazaki)

(Mixah - akuma) (free for anyone to pick up)

(b1gazn - cammy)

(GuMz - chun li)

(Christ0pher - Slayer)

(avjgtfusion - ryu)

(shoo - chun li)

(ArcadeFire - venom)

(SNAAAAKE - bison)

(Shodokan123 - yun)

(Tysamurai - dhalsim)

(Makoto_sCrUb - baiken)

(True_Tech - magneto w/ logo)

(True_Tech - magneto w/ logo)

(.Free. - may)

(Havoc - iori)

(DAWOLF57 - sabertooth)

(ArcadeFire - blackheart)

(Christ0pher - flash)

(darkakuma - storm)

(Chachi - elena)

(JubeiNinja69 - hotaru)

(V4MPIRO - evil ryu)

(Turbovec - muzichi)

(Rioting Soul - vanessa)

(KINGDOM - guile)

(V4MPIRO - ken)

(ultimate faust - tung fu rue)

(rogueyoshi - '98 kyo)

(Dark Geese - athena)

(Dark Geese - athena)

(Turbovec - aoko)

(Turbovec - ciel)

(BlueMary69 - chun li)

(Rioting Soul - vanessa)

(taiji - r mika)

(supermin - e honda)

(Makoto_sCrUb - kilik)

This move from 2k2/Neowave with the face bitting ending included.

or a vid of him doing Drill in CvS2

those are hot man. good job.

Good stuff Celcius! I call the Psylocke one when/if you make it.

Damn as I said before I wish I had prem to get the Doom av :sad:

really fucking tight, now you’ve gotta broaden your horizons and try other games that is not 2D.

I’ve got another suggestion for the Tron AV. You should have the lunch special Super looping(you know the super with the servbots on the ground getting lunch).

Very nice, but WAYYY too fast.

Requests done

@ tat: I wasn’t sure which move was the drill move, but based on wiki I guessed it was the knife move. I tried using the animation you gave but it has an automatic white border (I’d have to remove it from every frame).

edit: slowed them down

Very, VERY nice now.

Could I get one?

Either Akuma in 3S doing something with SA1 or Magneto doing the ROM infinite. All other creative aspects up to you completely. I’m starting to like your style dude :smiley:
Good work, and keep it up.

Much better. Can you do me one of Cammy doing her super and missing it?

nice shit for really

Like this:

:rofl: nice

Gotta study for finals, I’ll do some more tommorrow afternoon :tup:

is she donig it on spiderman? if so, i hope you have a heart attack :frowning:
not my precious spiderman :frowning:



I’ll do these two tommorrow :tup:

no more requests for now:karate:

Oh snaps! Celcius got’s a request thread!? Great shi’ dude! LoL. AND you made a Makoto AV!? Mas impressive. I don’t have premium, but if I did, I’d sport it. Trust. Great work. For realz. :tup:

hell yeah, fucking tight, but can you make it loop endlessly? Im sure making it look flawless is hard but I think you can.

Can I grab the Strider one? (I won’t use it right away though)


like that?


seriously… i saw what he was posting before, and this stuff is 100x better quality. quick learner! good job :smiley:

esp. since this was a week ago

Damnit! Someone took the Strider one and the Makoto one.

Could I get one of Slayer doing his BnB combo on whoever if possible? I would have to wait to use it though.

**Great job so far though! **

The Makoto is up for grabs. I can’t sport it (no premium! ‘She uses premium dood! PREMIUM!’ <-Simpsons). But its up to Celcius to give it away, not I. ‘PREMIUM!’