Combo Button Timing

First off, I have to say hello to everyone here at SRK. I’ve known about this place for a while and just recently joined up because of SSF4. I skipped over the SF4.1 because I was so in love with SF3:3S that I couldn’t make myself have to relearn another new combat system in a SF game. (That and I was a blatant Tekken fanboy, haha). Then Super 4 comes along, I get a copy from a local game shop that broke street date (this spot always does, lol)…and I see what I missed out on and then some.

Anyway, to the point. I’m currently training my Guy game and I see already other players developing some decent combos. Problem is I can’t time them for crap. In particular I’m talking about crouching strikes to standing ones. I’m trying to at least transition from them but it’s not registering as a combination. I’m having this trouble across the board, as I’ve done Guy’s and Ryu’s trials so far, and those types of combos are the only one’s I seem to not be able to pull off.

Bear in mind, I’m using the standard PS3 DualShock 3; I plan to get a MadCatz Fightpad on Friday. While I think it might help, I also believe it might just be something technical in my presses I’m doing wrong…too fast, not fast enough, whatever. So I ask of you combo experts out there, is there a way to gauge yourself or time yourself. What methods have you used to improve your button dexterity? I’d greatly appreciate any feedback that comes my way.

For link combos:
Normal doesn’t come out at all: you pressed the button too early
Normal comes out but doesn’t combo: you pressed the button too late
Normal comes out and combos: timing is perfect

Consider looking up and learning what “plinking” is. When done correctly, plinking will double the size of your timing window for link combos.
Some people claim to be able to do links by eye - they watch the character and press the button for the link when they see that the first attack has finished animating. It sounds unreliable to me, but if you can make it work for you then go for it.
Aside from that there’s not much to do besides going into practice mode and doing the combos until they are muscle memory.

…you might want to be more specific with your question if you want any answers besides “practice a lot”

It’s unlikely a change in controls will help with timing.

Based on what Sleazoid said, you need to constantly make adjustments when learning timing to combos. If every single time, you see the second move come out, but it doesn’t link, you aren’t adjusting, and are simply instilling the bad habit of pressing the button too late. You should at the very least over adjust and do it too early.

I understand what both of you are saying here. I get into the even badder habit of button mashing when I press early and still get nothing though. Sigh It might actually just be a matter of “go practice” after all, until I get it to muscle memory as was said. If anyone else has something to add though, please feel free…I need as much suggestion as possible.

It’s really just practice. It depends on what combo you are doing though. If you’re messing up chains or cancels then something is definitely wrong…but links are another story. Links require very precise button presses depending on how many frames you have to do them. You can generally avoid doing links when you’re first starting…they aren’t completely necessary for most characters(no idea about guy though). Once you start trying to nail down 1 frame links though, you’re still going to fuck up even if you practice for days unless you learn the plink technique.
Until you get to that point…training mode is your best friend.

It’s the link combos I’m talking about. Chain combos are automatic, their pretty much the basis of Guy’s offense, his 2 & 4 Hit Target Combo (from now on I’m calling that one the FFF- Final Fight Flurry) cancels as well. It’s just this blasted frame business that’s gonna take some training to get used to. It’s a whole different ball game from Tekken 6’s frame game.

My problem is canceling shoryukens from a crouching position. Do I have to crouch in a specific way in order to get the “z” motion out?


What about doing it without shortcuts…that way is easy but I wanna do it the “right” way just so my execution is better overall

If you’re playing anything other than sf4 then you just gotta practice it. I know its really hard from me to do down+back to shoryu motion from ONLY p1 side. Its just something you gotta either just practice or figure out what you’re doing wrong. I just did only that in training mode in cvs2 for awhile and I realized that when I’m on p1 side I sometimes don’t go far up enough to register as just forward instead of down+forward, so its just something I had to fix by lots of practice.
However…in sf4’s case, doing shortcuts is also beneficial to your gameplay. When you’re doing the shoryu motion you can stay crouched which means you have less of a chance of getting kicked in the face by a jump-in attack.

I’m not really sure what you’re referring to, but just only use that shortcut in that situation. Problem solved!

what is the point

Madcatz fightpads look nice, but er, less than a week after getting it, it’s already fucked.