Combo calculation frame wise help?

So the new SF is coming out. And my favorite character, Blanka, Gets +5 on hit for his Cr. MK and Can FADC after a Blanka ball. I want to create combos with this new info by using frame data, but my question is how do you tell? Like whats the max amount of frames that can be between for it to combo? Its hard to explain my question. So his Cr. LK and Cr. LP combo right? His Cr. LK has 4 start up, 3 active, and 7 recover. And his Cr. LP has 4 start up, 2 active, and 9 recovery. So how would you use this info to tell if it can combo? I hear people say things like “(insert combo or something here) has a 3 frame link.” And I think the 3 frames thing is how many frames you have before it wont combo. I’m trying to find that and see if It will combo. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

I would normally break all the numbers down for you however, Ultra is still at least six months away.

Frames may change before release, you shouldn’t be worrying about this till the game comes out.

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In order for two moves to combo, active frames from move B need to connect with the opponents hurt box, while they are in hitstun frames from move A. Take hit stun scaling into account when theory fighting.

SF4 doesn’t have hitstun scaling, does it?

Anyway it’s not that complicated. If a move is +5 on hit, it means you have 5 frames to act while they’re in hitstun, so a move with 5F startup will theoretically connect if you time it perfectly (this is a 1F link).

Actually it might not have hitstun scaling. I’ve been playing too much marvel. I forgot SF doesn’t need stun scaling because of the massive pushback most moves have.

It definitely does not have hit stun scaling. Only marvel does (as far as capcom games go).

So the +5 on hit is how many frames I have to so something before they can? And I’m guessing the recovery frames are included. So if lp had a 3 frame start up there would be 3 or 2 frames left to link?

There would be a 3F window to link it. If you do it as soon as possible, it lands on the 3rd frame of the 5 you have available. You can do it one or two frames late and it will land on the 4th/5th frame.

So the frames are the window of time to hit the button? And not the time for it to hit?

You should try reading this again:

It breaks down frames pretty clearly.

Oh ok I got it. Thanks!