Combo calculator app and frame tools


With EVO fast approaching, me and a friend created “USF4 All in One”, a free android frame data app with a couple of new and interesting features:


  1. Combo damage calculator
  2. Comparison Tool
  3. Punishment Tool
  4. Frame Data for USF4 cast

The app is available free of charge on the Google Play Store .

Let us know what you think and what we can do to make it better, thanks!



cool app!! Nice design and interface, keep up the good work!

a couple of suggestions:

  • while I’m loving the Damage calculator, I’d love if it also could show the stun values as well. Spent/built meter too would be truly excellent.
  • have a way to also show special notes in the frame data - like juggle potential, invincibility frames and so on. Maybe a pop-up when touching the move if you fear cramping the grid too much.


Can you add in a move list for the cast as well please.


Cheers for the feedback guys, I’ll get to it


This is absolutely amazing. I love it.


Is this gonna be hitting the apple app store?


I like the comparison tool, it would be good see to see multiple comparisons at once. For example
compare all of Ryus punch vs Evil Ryus punchs at once. Move by move it can get tedious.


Is it just me or does it not list stuff like airborne and invincible frames?


@PlasmaWaffle - if the android app gets enough attention we will make an iOS version of it.

@CobraKai - thanks for the suggestion!

@Time pants - if you’re referring to the frame data table, that’s right. We thought that having too many stats would clog things up. This is particularly the case with the invincible frames data since it usually occupies rows and rows of text, which would not look ideal on a mobile.


Is there a way to make it so you can calculate combos that have cancels into them?

For example cr.HP with chun is 100 if its two hits, but few chuns ever use two hits they cancel into legs.


I’m afraid that’s not possible. If the move is recorded as a single-move made up of two hits, chances are the frame data for each hit hasn’t been documented. Because of this, I haven’t been able to treat them as two separate hits in the calculator.

Good that you picked up on that though.


that´s the frame data of the cr.hp from the wiki tho


You’d probably have to add moves in. in the case of chun li’s cr.hp, have cr.hp again that is 50 damage. Call it cr.hp xx

Are you the one who created the move list and such?

Anyway, you cant combo off of cr.hp if it hits twice, maybe on counter hit but few do it.

From a design perspective it would probably be easier to just add cancelable moves to the list with the assumption that it works from known cases.


The move list is taken from the SRK wiki, but with additions for red focus and ultra combo double.

I think the solution to it is exactly what you proposed - add the individual hits as separate moves. I can do this but it’s best I compile a list of the cancellable moves first.


I would simply look for moves that hit multiple times, figure out the damage that they cause when they are cancelable into then let the player enter the next move. Honestly theres probably not many. It might be a good idea to hit up @Eternal‌ too. He knows stuff.


Cool, I might just do that.


Let me know when its updated. I dont mind doing testing and stuff. I’m a programmer as well so I can probably help see things that most people wouldnt notice.


Kens hk overhead is -1 on hit 0 on block you list the old frame data


Thanks for the correction tali.

The wiki must have been corrected in the past couple of weeks. I’ve also corrected the crouching HK advantage on block. The next update will contain the changes.

@Necrotrophic‌ just so you know, I’ve compiled the list of cancellable moves, which I hope will be going into the next update soon.