Combo Challenge 1000

I was messing around in the lab trying some awesome combos with Mature but kept getting my muscle memory confused. In one of those confused moments I decided to keep going as planned anyway and did something funny. I did a combo that does EXACTLY 1000 life.

I decided that it would be interesting if someone were to compile all of these carefully-crafted combos, as well as give combo vid makers and combo enthusiasts in general yet another reason to go to the lab.

[]You must post the commands or video of a combo with any character that does E***XACTLY 1000 points of damage.
[]Any of the 33 characters or DLC characters are allowed.
]You can use any character as a dummy.
[]You can use a full HD bar and up to 5 stocks.
]You don’t have to end it in a desperation move or special if you do not want to.

Here’s my entry. Sadly I have no capture card so it will be text.

qcb+D, s.C, qcb+BD, s.C XX HD, s.C, qcb+A -> qcb+A -> qcb+A (**only **2 hits) XX qcb+BD, s.C, qcb+A -> qcb+A -> qcb+A (3 hits) XX dp+A -> late j.A, qcb+B XX dp+A -> late A, qcb+B XX qcf,qcf+A (timing strict, 4 hits) XX qcb,hcf+AC

So, to cancel qcb into qcf,qcf I do qcf, hcb+B XX qcf+A to buffer it and it works because the B version is very very fast. For the qcf, qcf+A to hit properly the first hit (and thus the qcb+B before it) must hit when the opponent’s waist is about head level. This way she will hit the first, second, fourth and final hit (which does 100 damage when fully scaled, so it’s important to hit that).