Combo Challenge?


I am always stuck on normal level 4 (2/4 or 3/4 somewhere near that).

I recently got a stick too, so I’m getting used to it.

Yeah… any way of doing this besides like attempting over and over then getting mad and drink some tea and afk for a bit and come back to finish it?

Am I noob for not being able to do it? ;(?


What game?
What Character?


If we’re talking about Super4 then you just need to practice and get better.

They don’t get hard until the 20s


Umm Vanilla ;(… I really hate how there’s like 4 challenges in one level…

I actually attempted it some more and finished all normal of Ken… but no luck with Ryu or any of the other shotos I use.

Also… I don’t think I’m holding the joystick properly… and… umm… my whole board always seems to move. ;(


If you are into street fighter 4, buy ssf4(I don’t really like the game that much therefore not willing shell out 60 bucks)… no quality competition is left over in Vanilla SF4 lol(well as far as online goes)… if you have hopes in getting better play good players(online and offline)…

But yep practice… get pissed that you can’t do something as easily then try again… next question what kind of stick do you have? If its not a custom, then it most likely has a square gate…

Since the sides are smooth it is difficult to feel out corners at first… “the don’t ride the gate too much” thing is out of the question… ride the fuck out of the gate until you know where your corners are…

My first suggestion for practice to see what you are weak in as far as execution goes, is to turn on input display and take try a shinkuu hadouken with Ryu, if you are fucking up then take a look at your inputs to see where you are messing up. Try other specials on both sides of the screen… fool around with some combos(practical ones mind you) to keep from getting bored…

Because I had no clue where the corner were starting off for the first day or two, I didn’t know how to jump forward and backwards consistently lol…

Just remember that the thing your moving the stick across is shaped like a box, helped me…


Oh yeah for joystick grips here’s two links

Some grips in the youtube vid are jokes lol… very few though… none at the beginning all at the very end…

I picked a grip that involves putting your the shaft(no homo) in between my index and middle finger and using my thumb to guide it with the ball… also don’t be as stiff as the guy in the vid he’s just telling you different grips but he’s not telling you to hold EXACTLY like him, it was designed for instructional purposes…

Use what feels most comfortable…


Thanks BullDancer… I’ve seen the 2nd video… and having trouble even with the first grip… Actually my grip now is a failed imitation of the first grip… it doesn’t feel like I have much control at all ;(.

I actually ride the gate so badly… I’m scared I’m going to break it. My joy stick almost flew off the table once.

I used up my money on my stick (TE) rather than buying SSF4… I thought it was a good choice ;/.

This is my 2nd day with stick ;/ so I shouldn’t expect results better than my xbox controller just yet… I just expected I could do the DP FADC into Ultra on Ryu…(just as or more easily than my 360 controller)

Okies ;D thanks for the tips. Still not really getting anywhere for combos ;/


you’re not going to break the joystick, if you got a TE, its very sturdy just don’t go tossing it off of tables… but otherwise be as rough as you want to… pound the fuck out of those buttons to if you feel like, designed for an arcade environment should be enough to convince you of how much of a beating your buttons and stick can take…

Your TE is good for at least 2-3 years before you have to start replacing buttons and shit like that… and even those buttons only cost 3 bucks per button on sites like (go into tech talk and look up customer reviews in that lizardlick thread… ALL of them are favorable)…


;D worth the money then I guess… just need to put in some time to practice.


You might want to start off rough with your buttons to start off with anyway… when you finally break them in, they feel less floaty and imo more responsive… and after that they feel consistently similiar after wear and tear…


TEs are well worth their cost


Eh… it’s a used one… should be broken in already… AND YES ;D TE IS WORTH THEIR COST ;D!


try reading the stickies. There are two big threads on sticks and developing execution.

Also, the guide on grips at eventhubs is really lolworthy. It’s a textbook example of making things more complicated than it needs to be. I’d recommend avoiding it (and most guides on eventhubs for that matter).


I see. Actually I’m getting the hang of it now… Still suck at doing 2QCF stuffs ;/ and sorta execute crappier when facing someone online because I’m not as calm as I should be. I read a lot of stickies… but I guess these ones aren’t some of them.