Combo Crazy - The Challenge Mode Thread


So, I decided to create a thread dedicated to the Challenge Mode of this game. If you want all the trophies/achievements in the game, you need to complete all the challenges to get the four Challenge Mode based trophies/achievements. These are:

**[I Mastered that One] **

  • Complete all of one character’s Challenges.

[I Learned a Few Moves]

  • Complete 150 Challenges.

[Combo Master]

  • Complete 300 Challenges.

[Combo Crazy]

  • Complete all the Challenges.

You can ask for help from others, you can give help etc. Say how many trials you’ve beaten until now, which ones you are having troubles with etc.

Here in (in the first post) I’ll put the notations for all Challenge 30 combos for all the characters. I’ll do this shortly. If someone can PM me different methods or the already written notation, that would be great. If you have an easier/flashier method, post it.

CHALLENGE 30 Notations and Tips


236B > 6C > BD > 214214C > 236AB > OMB > 214C > 6C > BD > 236AB

  • Probably the easiest Challenge 30. Not really much to say, just time the last BD accordingly. You will need a Lv.3 in the Cyclone gauge before the last Mazyodine hits.



FC 2C > 2B > 5C > 236B > 2A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 236B~j.214B > OMB > 5C > 236B~j.214B > 236236B > OMC on Second Hit of the Super > 214214C > TK j.214B > 236B

  • You must fully charge the 2C to make it a Fatal Counter, or else the combo will not work. Apart from the charged 2C, the hardest part of the combo is at the end with the TK j.214B. Just learn the timing Kanji’s command grab super ends and input it quickly.



FC 2C > 236B > j.2C > OMB > j.2C > 2A > 2C > delay > 5C > 236AB > j.2C > 2A > 2C > delay > 236AB > j.2C > 2A > 2C > delay > 5C > 5AAA > 236A~A > 236236C

  • The only tricky part of the combo is getting the otg timing for the 2As and the delays on certain parts of the combo. Not that hard either.



I guess I’ll start.

I’ve completed all the trials for Yu, Yosuke, Kanji, and Akihiko. I am missing Challenge 30 with Chie, and I have not attempted the rest.