Combo Crazy?



I’m looking for good combos with Iceman. I’ve been trying to get an combo starting from the air going, but with very little sucess. Anyone have any ideas?


You should check the maxing the damage for Icemans AC thread.

If you couldnt find one out… well… its fairly simple. Its just launch with d.rk, magic series(i.e. lp, lk, lp, lk), arctic attack (qcf+PP)

You’ll get more damage if you cancel an icebeam or avalanche into arctic attack instead of straight up super.


When I cancel the icebeam or ‘great big slow ball of cold powers’, the opponent seems to just fall too fast to catch with the super. Does it only work on larger characters?


Ok here is the deal for you rookie icemam user’s!

Iceman is an easy normal fast character in this game. his combo’s

are easy to do, you must utilize his icebeams in the ground and

air… very important for you junior iceboy user’s making my

charater look bad

iceman is a very handy tool, if your defense is good and the right assit you can chip life very damn fast specially… if you have sneaky dotor doom rocks to help you chip and do rush down’s… one thing about iceman is, he has rush down speed so… take advantage…

if you ever face cable! dont case him let him come to you run away ice beam in the air dont go crazy cause that ahvb aint no joke, ya know 'anywayz pulling out assist on cable i recommed
in the corner so yo can runsh down try crossover’s…

if you ever face ironman! just block all his shit like proton/cannon smartbombs… ice beam the shit out of him run/rushdown/crossover

if you ever face fagneto! stay in mid range have a very helpfull assist like t-bone doom sent and capcom, that will back up fagneto from speedy rushdowns, i recommend you scare him with chip damge and it will open up the rest trust me… if your a savage with ice man you rush his ass too and do cross up’s with that right assist iceboy is deadly for a meadyoker tier… iceman can comeback and save your soul…

game play with iceman use a very good game play, feel them out first by icebeams back them up then see how they approach you.
it’s only right so you know what your working with…

i hope this helps out you junior rookie iceboy users out

happy new year…


To my knowledge it works on everyone. (well maybe not servebot)

You cancel the icebeam/ball hella quick so that it doesn’t even come out (its way easier with the beam). This makes iceman float down slower than if you just do it normally, garnering more hits. Against big chars like sent, this makes a BIG difference (hah) in damage.

So bascially, its like a double fireball motion.

Oh and abuse his s.rh and throw + assist (ie sent g, which leads to launch) game.


im just picking mvc2 up and my team is z.grief:D , magneto, and icman but how do u crossup with iceman.

sorry if my question is to ameatur im good at third strike and i heard it hard to pick up marvel if lall u do is play thired strike


it’s not amateur at all even i’m not sure how to really crossup with ice man, i recomend jumping over them with d+hp.

always do ground chains into ice beam if blocked or air combo if connects. (if your doing one that involves his launcher)

what i mean by that is do something in the lines of

dash in c. lk, c. lk, s. hk ice beam

or have sentinal to increase the block damage

such as c. lk, (call sentinal - y) c. lk, s. hk. ice beam

you can also try c. lk c. hk (launcher) into air combo as your bread and butter combo.

they say a better thing to do instead of the ice beam in the air is d + hp.

it’s a good way to keep pressure and lower risk possibly.

hope i helped.