Combo Damage Question

Hi all, this is my first post, so WOOT for that!
So I’m an Abel player and I was looking at his frame data to try and come up with my preferred punish combos based off certain situations.
I know how the damage scaling system works, but when I crunch the numbers I get a different answer than what really comes out in the game.

So for Abel’s cr.Fierce into Soulless combo, it theoretically should do 478 damage (i assume no rounding) : cr.Fierce = (70 + 40) = 110 * 100% = 110, and Soulless being the 2nd move should do 80% of it’s damage (because ultra’s count as 2 hits), so it should do (45 + 416) = 461 * .8 = 368.8; so 110 + 368.8 = 478.8 -> 478 (no rounding)
However, the actual damage is 483!! So I decided to confirm the frame data, and sure enough, cr.Fierce does 110 and Soulless does 461; however, when I put them together I was watching each hit of Soulless, and the first punch did 80% of it’s damage (makes sense), but some of the other hits (not all) did 87%???
Can anyone explain that to me?? Are there any other moves (for any characters) that also act differently than expected?

Thanks in advanced,
- MagicMercury786

Anyone? Anyone? looks around the room

I think thebreaker had posted information somewhere that Seth’s lightning legs has strange scaling properties.

My feeling though is that the difference is due to rounding. Abel’s ultra isn’t really two hits- it’s lot of tiny hits and then one big hit. The game will scale the individual hits and then round up. Because the hits are so tiny, when they get scaled and then rounded, it doesn’t come out to exactly 80%.

So for example, if the tiny hits in Abel’s Ultra did 8 damage, then they would get scaled to 8*80% = 6.4 => rounded up to 7 damage. 7 is 87.5% of 8, or 87% (truncated) which would explain what you’re seeing.

That sounds like a good explanation, I’m gonna have to check that out, thank you for your input.
Thanks for the info on Seth.
So it appears to be moves with multiple hits where each hit actually does damage, cool

Seth’s Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Legs) scales differently from other moves like so:<br><br>First hit - (normal scaling)<br>Rapid fire hits - 100% if you’re under three hits, 75% if you’re over three hits, 50% if you’re over five hits, 25% if you’re over seven hits (never goes lower than 25%)<br>Last hit - (returns to scaling used in first hit)<br><br>Then scaling is back to normal, so a head stomp after FA3, Hyakuretsukyaku will do 70% (100% > 80% > 100% > 70%.)<br>I have not seen any other moves that follow this scaling, but I haven’t actively looked either. Normally, the game will scale attacks that hit multiple times with the same value (as ghost said.) Seth’s is weird because it uses a different number of hits, always drops by 25%, and doesn’t get lowered anymore after 25% (everything else will stop at 10% afaik.)<br>

So thinking about it more, I think Seth’s lightning legs actually doesn’t have special scaling properties either, it’s just another case of rounding.<br><br>If you look at the individual hits in training mode, you notice that all the small hits do 4 damage.  So at different scaling %'s:<br><br>1-2 hits 100% = 4 damage<br>3 hits 80% = 3.2 damage -> rounded up to 4 = 100% damage<br>4 hits 70% = 2.8 damage -> rounded up to 3 = 75% damage<br>5 hits 60% = 2.4 damage -> rounded up to 3 = 75% damage<br>6 hits 50% = 2.0 damage = 50% damage<br>7 hits 40% = 1.6 damage -> rounded up to 2 = 50% damage<br>8 hits 30% = 1.2 damage -> rounded up to 2 = 50% damage<br>9 hits 20% = 0.8 damage -> rounded up to 1 = 25% damage<br>10+ hits 10% = 0.4 damage -> rounded up to 1 = 25% damage<br><br>Which lines up almost exactly with what TheBreaker posted except for 25% being over 8 hits instead of over 7.<br><br>Basically, rounding is more noticeable on small hits.<br>