Combo Editor Question


So, can you have the combo editor do ANY combo trial for you? I’m speaking about the one that costs 240MSP for 360. I’m 80%-ish done with the trials and just want to get some of them over with.

Yes, I know its the lame way out. Thanks in advance.


Funny how nobody answered this, because there’s probably nobody out there in the world that actually purchased the Combo Editor, LOL. Fortunately for you, I have purchased the Combo Editor and used it to it’s maximum potential. No, you wouldn’t be able to use it to finish all the trials, but you could use it for some. Reason being is because the Combo Editor has limited uses. For one, you can’t implement a bunch of things such as timing and jumping within the combos. Two, you can’t choose whether you want certain Normal Attacks to link or chain. And three, there’s a limit of ten inputs within your custom combos. I’m thinking about just making a video for the Combo Editor so that everyone understand’s it’s capabilities and uses.


That would be great Victormaru. I am sure a lot of people are curious what this Combo Editor can do, even if they haven’t bought it.


According to James Chen, the quick combo editor is incredibly broken. One of the reasons is because it ignores back/down charge time. So with Guile for example you can program your quick combo to be Flash Kick and trigger it while you are walking forward or right after you just threw a sonic boom. In the hands of top players, quick combo editor could be just as broken as the ultimate auto-block.

Characters that have complicated motions for anti-airing also benefit from quick combos. With Kuma for example, it can be hard to hcb+K on reaction to some jump ins you don’t expect. But with the quick combo editor, you just need to tap 2 buttons and you get an instant Frolicking Bear, c.lp xx Megaton Claw anti-air. Guaranteed instant punish for 1 bar.

You can use it to program complicated combos with lots of 1 frame links.

You can also apparently program perfect option-selects (still according to James Chen, haven’t actually tested it myself).


You can do that too, LOL. But really? People would actually abuse the Combo Editor and waste meters for dumb stuff like that? It is true though; you can program a lot of one-frame links but it would be even better if you could program your character to walk up a certain distance within the combos. That would make it a lot more ridiculous though. Thanks for the info, Vulcan. I’ll be sure to include all that within my video whenever I get a chance to record it.


400+ guaranteed dmg for 1 bar sounds fun.
especially when u get 1/3 - 1/2 bar back during the combo itself


Can you record TAP (final) as a quick combo? Can quick combos throw Fuhajin without storing them first?


I’m almost willing to buy it just to turn the quick combos off. You can use some of the preset combos on the trials. If you fail a trial long enough, Dan will pop and say “Hey Preset Quick Combo 4 is the same combo as the one for this trial!” Usually trials 14 or 15…


I guess about 10 people bought it. Capcom really worked on things no one will care about like gems and quick combos. :smiley: Anyway, am asking this to a buyer: Does it have to be a real combo to record it? Can’t I do sonic boom x10? Can it do the just-frame secret move EWGF with Kazuya? Does the damage get scaled heavily?


You can’t get EWGF OR Final TAP with quick combos and you can’t get Fuhajin Store either. I tested them myself. :smiley:

Update, this thing will do links! Take Cody’s St.Hp, Cr.Hp link.

Also, combos scale really badly.


Don’t waste your time with combo editor ,better to play a Rpg…

I bought myself this combo editor ,for to make combo with nothing ,so when i push Lp/Hk or Lk/Hp ,there is only Hk or Hp that happen.


You also cannot do ANY trial because some require 3 blocks of meter and to use the QC, you have to expend one bar. I bought it to disable QCs as I would rather execute the combos and get that satisfaction, even if I could QC and do easy 1-frames and insta-punishes, and it’s frustrating when you ARE doing a combo and the QC comes out, especially with SGS.
An interesting thing to note on QCs. I messed with it in trials to see what it’s limitations are, and with the new DLC characters, if you do an EX move that takes a while to complete, like Sakura’s EX Shouoken & Christie’s EX Wheel Kicks, the meter will reset before the move is done, essentially giving you 4 meters to pull off a trial. This will NOT work with certain EX moves, like Sagat’s Tiger shots, so you must complete his 3 EX TigerShot trial on your own.
I have to research if this will work with the original cast…

You cannot program dashes, SCDCs, jumps, directional inputs, delays & other timing as previously mentioned, and though you may claim it is the lame way out, some of the combos require a great deal of experimenting to do the legit way(outside of youtubing them, which is in itself a method of getting help), so using a very limited combo editor still requires a great deal of configuring in order to pull off some trials.
I work, am trying to return to doing art on a regular basis and thus, I don’t have as much time to work on VGs as I would like. As much as I wanted to complete these trials without using the Combo Editor, I ended up saying “F*#@ IT!,” because completing SFxT trials 100% isn’t an amazing feat due to the Combo Editor.
There are several trials where you won’t be able to use the Combo Editor at all, and I’ve completed these. Also, a good percentage of the trials are impractical in game, so it is a waste of time in some respects. I had to put some serious thought into how to complete some of them with the Combo Editor and at times I had to use both QC slots to pull off one trial, due to the lack of being able to delay inputs. Sometimes I used the Combo Editor for a tough execution, like Christie’s trial 17, and then finish the trial on my own.
This all said, I have 8 or 9 characters’ trials completed in AE, and all of the Normal Trials completed in SFIV.
While we all aspire to be great Tournament players, at this point, even with growing up playing in the arcades and playing FGs (though not at a tourney level) since SF2’s inception, I am still a “scrub,” or low-level player when compared to the likes of INFILTRATION, DAIGO, Kiryu & Otinhoso. I’m not ashamed of using the CE to finish some of these pesky trails in SFxT. I feel it would be worse to have to use the Assist Gems for Super Easy Input to complete the trials.
In any case, say someone were to complete the trials 100%, other than VesperArcade, etc, they would still be accused of using the combo editor, which is perhaps a reason there is no “achievement/trophy” for obtaining them all.
Completing the trials in this game won’t be viewed as amazing, unlike say, SFIV, or SSFIV, AE, KOF, etc. so I wouldn’t spend time worrying about the perception others will have. One’s TRUE potential and skill will be seen at Tournaments and arguably online when you pull off damaging combos consistently, can compete with the world-class players consistently, and be able to execute in pressure situations and while on display.

VictorMaru, if you need help putting together a FAQ/Thread on the Combo Editor, I will be glad to help, as I have extensive experience with it.
That is all, Keep Calm and Carry On…


Then it has no value for Kazuya or Juri
Can it do special Tekken links? Like Kazuya’s LP,LP,MP? And ones with directional inputs like Reign of Terror?

I think this thing seems to only be beneficial for charge characters. Vega might get the maximum benefit, because Scarlet Terror is garbage normally and he has no anti-air.
If you could do 10 booms in a row that would a very strong strategy because it would be a trap if you know the spacing.

A FAQ would be great.


The Quick Combo FAQ:

Damage scaling IS applied to quick combos. I believe quick combos do 20% less damage than normal combos. Take Cody’s St.Hp, Cr.Hp, HP Criminal Upper. As a quick combo it does 261, performed as a real combo it does 292. But, Cody’s St.Hp, Cr.Hp, Zonk Knuckle, St.Hp, Cr.Hp, HP Criminal Upper only does 3 less damage in comparison to it’s link version.

Quick combos take ONE bar of meter usage, so use them wisely.

Tekken characters strings are available, such as Kazuya’s Demon Slayer, but the CPU seems to block at the 3rd one.

Links AREN’T possible for certain situations. For example, if you do Ryu’s St.Lp, Cr.Hp link, it will do a chain. But if you do Ryu’s Cr.Mp, Cr.Mp, Cr.HK link, it will chain the latter part; Cr.Mp, Cr.Hk.

For Jin and Kazuya, you have to select the Mist Step first and then the follow up. You’re limited to ten selections per quick combo.

You CAN combo into some quick combos.


Another question: can you do Lei’s pseudo-inifinte with Combo Editor? If you can ,can you do another on after the last one so you can continue the infinite, when the timing changes can you go on? Do you build enough meter?


You won’t and you can’t. Combo Editor doesn’t allow you to time your combos. It just follows what was inputted.


Hmm, yeah I can see know, he’ll do the move before the opponents bounces back to him which will whiff.


Regarding timing… I don’t have the Combo Editor, but I got to try it as part of the DLC Hack on my friend’s XBox a while back. I remember between commands you had to select AUTO or a number. AUTO did the next move as early as possible. Meaning with Ryu, cr.LP~AUTO~cr, MP produced a chain. If you selected a number instead, that was the number of frames it would wait before attempting the next command. So you could link the cr.LP and cr. MP if you knew the number of frames to delay.

Is this not the case anymore? Also, I’m pretty sure you could input walking.


That isn’t possible anymore. You can still do link combos, take Cody St.Hp, Cr.Hp. But not links that could be chains.


So they dumbed down Combo Editor? Perhaps the update had changes to it. I wonder how it was on PS3 but no one ever could open Combo Editor on PS3 before release. So they purposely made Quick Combos more useless? The sample combos aren’t bad but learn them by yourself and you won’t have to find when to activate it, get punished if blocked and lose damage and one meter. This feature shouldn’t have been in if it was going to be dumbed down.