Combo enders --> which does the most damage?



hey guys.

i don’t own a DC and when i play, i can’t really tell which of Dudley’s combo enders inflict the most damage. so yeah, i’d love to know what to use and when, if y’all don’t mind :D.

i’ll just put it into a couple of categories:

  1. what will do the most damage (without a super) off of s. roundhouse -> EX MGB?

  2. what will do the most damage (again, w/out a super) off of a c. roundhouse?

edit: i realize that some characters (i.e., all the chicks) Dudley can sweep over and over again and i’ve also read that you can do mutiple jab MGBs to keep the non-sweepable characters in the air. with this in mind, let’s limit the non-sweepable’s (i.e., shotos, twins, Urien, etc.) to just one MGB off of a c. roundhouse because it’s not realistic for me to try and do 3 or 4 jab MGBs on them consistently.

so do post up, people! thanks!


Without super? f+MK xx fierce DP is always the best thing to do if you can. If you’re too far away or whatever, then use HCF+MK into K.

This applies to both EX MGB and sweep.



Hmm I guess I should put up my (poorly written) “FAQ” about that topic.

(Please read the txt file first before looking at the chart in htm!!)
“FAQ” -
Chart of Dudley’s Juggles -

The legends in the charts are:

A - Works anywhere on screen.
C - Corner only
X - Doesn’t work, whiffs, too difficult, et cetera
_,1 - Only one hit of Fierce Jet will connect
C,W - The final Jet after connecting st.Strong will whiff
A?? - Very skeptical. Works about 50% of the time.

As you can see in the chart, different characters can be juggled differently. As for the damage, it goes something like this in the order from most damaging to least damaging from top of my head:

Jet Upper, st.strong xx Jet Upper
EX Jet Upper, Jet Upper
MGB, twd+forward xx Jet Upper
twd+forward xx Jet Upper
MGB, Ducking Upper

Hope that post helps. Any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added the legends for the chart since people doesn’t want to read my (lame) “FAQ” :rolleyes:

EDIT: Added the legends IN the chart because I was too scrubby to care.


good stuff.

here’s a Q. all the follow ups you listed involved Jet Uppercut (and one of them have Ducking Uppercut). what about Short Swing Blow (HCB + K)?

which (among these) would do more?

s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> short SSB

s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> towards + forward -> fierce Jet Uppercut

also, doesn’t the fierce Jet Upperct -> s. strong -> fierce Jet Uppercut follow up only work on Q? or does that work on most others as well?


OK, I pulled out my DC to test the damage.

***All combos starts out with st.Roundhouse xx EX MGB!

Here are the damage on the enders:

Jet Upper, st.strong xx Jet Upper - 59 (first hit of second fierce jet hits her)
EX Jet Upper, Jet Upper - 69
MGB, twd+forward xx Jet Upper - 63
twd+forward xx Jet Upper - 59
MGB, Ducking Upper - 61

This is a surprising discovery! MGB, Ducking Upper does more damage than twd+forward xx Jet Upper! For comparison I’ll do Dudley vs Q since Jet Upper, st.strong xx Jet Upper ender doesn’t work really well againt Makoto.

Jet Upper, st.strong xx Jet Upper - 64
EX Jet Upper, Jet Upper - 56 (first hit of second jet hits him)
MGB, twd+forward xx Jet Upper - 57
twd+forward xx Jet Upper - 53
MGB, Ducking Upper - 58

Blargh, this is weird. Makoto and Q are the only ones who can be juggled with the first 2 enders from EX MGB, but both of them gets hit by the first weak hit of second Jet Upper of either ender! Third Strike is a weird game :slight_smile:

To answer kal el’s question, st.Roundhouse xx EX MGB, MGB, Swingback Blow does 64 damage on Makoto and 60 damage on Q. This is better than twd+forward xx Jet Upper enders, although Swingback Blow only works in the corner.

In conculsion, twd+forward xx Jet does the best stun and it works on everybody anywhere with only 3 exceptions (see the chart in my earlier post for example). MGB, Ducking Upper does pretty good damage that works on everybody anywhere with 3 other exceptions.

However, if you are juggling them in a corner, you might want to do whatever combo that does the most damage, or do MGB, Swingback Blow. I’d like to add that if you manage to get in at least one Jet Upper, you’ll do LOTS of stun!

Questions? Comments? Reply! :slight_smile:


Nice thread! As I don’t have a DC either, the info is really useful. :slight_smile:

One question though; I’ve only seen the ‘EX Jet, Jet’ ender, but what about the one with a Jab MGB, EX Jet, Fierce Jet? Anyone care to post the damage on that one? I’m sure its got one of the best damage…


cool cool…

regarding jab MGB -> short SSB, i’ve seen that work on Q midscreen. i thought i was just seeing things, but i happen to view that Dudley vs. Q match lots. that vid also happens to be the first time i saw Dudley’s fierce Jet -> s. strong -> fierce Jet follow up.

also, if i’m not mistaken, against certain characters (off the top of my head, i think you can do this on Necro and 12) it’s possible to juggle with jab MGB -> EX Jet -> towards + forward -> fierce Jet.**

**you can initiate that using either s. roundhouse -> EX MGB or off of a sweep

last thing before i hit the sack:

i’m just curious, but does Ducking Uppercut deal the same amount of damage as Ducking Straight? how about damage reduction when super cancelling in a combo? say i do the following combo on Makoto:

jump in fierce -> s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> sweep -> jab MGB -> sweep -> ender xx super

with the so-called ender of this sequence, if i super cancelled off of Ducking Straight, since that punch is only 1 hit, would there be (even a slight) difference in damage dealt as opposed to doing Ducking Uppercut (2 hits) xx super?

sorry if the question is a bit vague (or pointless), but i’m just curious :D. thanks again!


st.Roundhouse xx EX MGB, MGB, EX Jet Upper, Jet Upper - 73 damage on Makoto

Nice damage, although I feel skeptical using it in real match, heh. I just stick with whatever that works!

kal el, regarding the Ducking Upper xx super and Ducking Straight xx super differences, I’m going to do simple cr.Roundhouse, Ducking [Upper or Straight] xx Corkscrew Blow (SA3) on Makoto:

With Ducking Upper (2 hits) - 54, 8 hits combo
With Ducking Upper (1 hit) - 43, 7 hits combo
With Ducking Straight - 58, 7 hits combo

I’m going to try the same but with Rocket Uppercut this time (SA1)

With Ducking Upper (2 hits) - 63, 14 hits combo
With Ducking Upper (1 hit) - 53, 13 hits combo
With Ducking Straight - 68, 13 hits combo

I also observed that Ducking Straight does more stun than Ducking Upper.

About the Jet Upper, twd+forward xx Jet Upper ender - I know it would work on Urien, not sure about others. With EX Jet Upper thrown in, I’ve no idea which characters it works on. It takes a lot of time to determine which enders works on who, took me long time (and bleeding fingers) to come up with the chart I’ve made.



thanks for your input (and effort in testing) CrazyDazed!

i personally prefer super cancelling off of Ducking Straight (rather than Ducking Uppercut) because Ducking Uppercut sometimes tends to knock the characters up too high resulting in a spit out in Rocket Uppercut’s 2nd uppercut. yeah, i usually use SA1 as my super. damn. discussing Dudley involves too much use of the word “uppercut.”


c. roundhouse -> jab MGB -> EX Jet -> towards + forward -> fierce Jet will work on Remy, Necro and 12. not sure on who else, but i’m quite sure it doesn’t work on the shotos. against the shotos, you have to omit towards + forward.