Combo EX max out to ultra 1!

if you havn’t seen the video yet here is the link.

ok I just went on sonichurricane and found a description of how you should set this combo up. I hope this helps you out guys. I really like ultra 1 already with deejay and this just makes me like it even more!!!

****N00b_Saib0t: No, it links. It works on a lot of characters. You just have to find a combination of buttons that?ll separate out the EX FB hits while not pushing them out of ultra1 range. Charge time isn?t that tough either, assuming you?re not walking forward before the combo. Abel?s gigantic hitstun hitbox is only necessary for the first part where Dee Jay connects lvl2 Focus Attack after EX FB midscreen.

I have not yet been able to link this yet but im still working on it. please discuss guys!


interesting. i thought i was done playing for the day but i guess i’ll try to get this down.

It looked like a very minimal distance

c. lp > s. lk > c. mp > EX maxout > Ultra 1

Considering Abel’s pretty big, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one, but it’s got a good chance for working on shotos, making specifically differentiating between Ultra’s a much bigger deal.

Definately need to try and reduce the amount of hits before the ex maxout > Ultra.

After seeing this I spent a few hours with it in the training room, and for me at least it doesn’t appear to be a viable option. Since its a link, not a cancel the timing is super strict… If you can do this regularly, then you can also likely do exmgu, dash, U2. Which is to say you are a gaming god. Sadly I am not.

Totally agree.
Too difficult, too risquy if you miss it.

Considering that the Sonic Hurricane combo videos use programmable controllers with the sole intention of getting the highest possible amount of combo hits, I don’t think you can really incorporate anything they show into your gameplan (particularly on the one in question, it looks like Abel has to fight back at one point in order to trigger a counterhit for Dee Jay).

One of these videos I saw, which had Rose reflecting back 3 or 4 of Akuma’s air fireballs, all at different heights, all on screen at once, however impractical was a thing of beauty. :smiley:


Sorry it was a while ago.

It was one of Sonic Hurricane’s "Weekly tool assisted combo video"s for vanilla, as opposed to the daily stuff being done now for Super.

This set up has nothing to do with a counter hit. It looks like it needs at least one or two hits before the max out though.

Search sonic hurricaine on YouTube, I’m sure maj’s channel will come up, it’s probably like 20 vids back, titled rose Bi-weekly tacv.

If this is an easy link to learn, and it certainly seems so (haven’t tried it yet), Dee Jay moves up in the iPlayWinner Tiers and shows the Japanese early Tiers to be legit at a B+ ranking.

Good news for Dee Jay players worldwide!

And here I was just being happy with mastery of the fundamentals of Dee Jay.
Damn you Sonic Hurricane! Now I’m going to be obsessed with this for a while! You’ve just stolen my summer.

I’m glad to here deejay is moving up in the rankings.

Any luck linking this guys. I have had no luck so far but am still hopeful.


I tried hitting this again last night for a few hours and nada. Not even once. Heck, even with exmgu>dash>U2 I can hit it about 10% of the time. I think this combo is only possible in the strictest sense of the word. You have to space the ex slashers in such a manner that the hitstun from the 2nd one is allowing it to link. I know its already been stated, but the sonichurricane vids use a programmable controller to accomplish the combos.

I managed to link an ex sobat after ex maxout last night. The set up was focus crumple, cr fp xx ex maxout > ex sobat. Was trying the same set up but with Ultra 1 instead of ex sobat but it didn’t seem to work unless my timing was off. It’s probably a 1 frame link so I could well have missed it. Either way, inorder to get enough charge, your ex maxout has to be started from a back position. eg. :l: :r: :l: :lp::mp:

I believe this is a counterhit only combo. Abel in particular makes a different motion compared to wherever else you hit him on the screen. Because the first hit was a counter, it might carry over to the whole combo, which in all likelihood never stopped in the first place.

However, I can confirm that even on counterhit this would work as c. lp, c. lp, c. mp, ex maxout > Ultra I

It requires two very big things though, the first being the patience to learn the combo over and over again, because from what I’ve seen in training mode, the only way to get it to land is through characters with huge hitboxes. Particularly huge front hitboxes, looming characters like Honda, Hakan, Abel, Hawk, and Gief all lurch forward in just regular situations. I had difficulty with it on T. Hawk, and he’s physically the biggest guy in the game.

The only thing that saved me is being able to take just one step forward on the Ultra. Without a counterhit, the first swipe of Sobat Festival goes just short of most characters, and therefore doesn’t hit. Unless you got them to run forward, a counterhit hitbox is enough to put them in range because the bop around retardedly the whole time, if its just a regular combo, then you need to take one or two training mode mini-sqaures forward before executing Sobat Festival.

Keep in mind, this is off of an annoying link like s. lk or c. lp > c. mp, as well as after the almost ungodly like charge buffering required to have enough off a combo EX Maxout to do something else. Honestly, I see good reason to throw your controller after awhile because this is far from an easy one.

If you use U1 already, this is good practice. If you never did, I wouldn’t start over this. AA slide, Dash, and corner EX MGU, and counterhit standing fierce still make U2 better. As even a pro-Deejay would have trouble doing this on the drop of a dime, during the tension of a match.

Counterhit has nothing to do with it, and it’s only abel to allow the the ex max out focus attack mid screen.

Has anyone actually pulled this off yet, all I can seem to get is after the EX maxout. It seems to be much harder than midscreen U2.

so the OP combo shows to be completely impractical… is there an effective way to combo into U1 aside from focus attack, or anything better than 2-3 hits when comboed from EX MGU?