Combo EX max out to ultra 1!

I haven’t had a chance to check this out yet, but the thread so far has me a little puzzled. Again as many people have stated, this has NOTHING to do with counterhit, correct? A Counterhit may result in a slightly different hit/stun animation on the Counterhit itself, but anything after that would be just normal hit/stun animations.

Also, is it necessary to space this out with c.jab, c.jab, c.strong first? Shouldn’t you just be able to do EX-Max Out >> U1 (given that you’re at least CLOSE enough for the U1 to hit after stun from Max Outs)?

Thanks guys!

Unless the CH is a set up to create the right amount of space for the follow up to create the right amount of space for the maxout > U1 then no, it has nothing to do with CH. In other words, it’s not a CH set up.

It is definately necessary to do certain moves prior to the ex maxout inorder to make the second hit of ex maxout hit late enough that you get enough charge time for U1.

I only fooled around with this for a few minutes because it seems very impractical. However, here’s a setup I mentioned earlier in the thread,

I don’t remember the character I tested that on but, if you can link an ex sobat (15f start up) from that set up, you can also also link U1 (11f start up).

Also in theory, Focus crumple, cr.lp, close standing lk > xx ex maxout > U1 will atleast work on Abel as it is clearly shown in the Sonic Hurricane video.

it doesnt even get get a full combo from a focus attack. shitsux

About the Topic:
I was trying this and ultra 1 wasnt even coming out and at all (just s,HK). and I can do ex maxout > ex sobat consistently. (combo: lp x2,, ex maxout, ex sobat)
the timing is definitely different, likely due to the restriction of not being able to ultra with a fireball on screen.
because u1 isnt even coming out when I want. either u1 needs more charge time than I think or I am just doing it too soon.

it might of been possible beforehand, but with the balance patch that removes unblockable ultras, it might not be that way anymore. i’ll see what i can find out.

I would LOVE for this to be so, I love the way Ultra 1 looks so much.

Ryodragoon, you can get full hit’s off a focus level 2 or 3 but you have to do it as early as possible off a dash back or forward.

Just as I was thinking that this was impossible and about to give up, I finally pulled it off on Ryu last night during a lab session. Problem is, I wasn’t able to do it again… after another 2hrs of trying. :sad:

So, basically what I figure is this combo has to be done under the most strict of conditions.

  1. You have to buffer the ultra charge (meaning that you’re pressing the punches for EX Air Slasher once you’ve returned the stick to the “back” position)

  2. The ultra has to be done as soon as Dee Jay’s arms come back down from EX Air Slasher (watch the sonic hurricane video for a better idea of what I’m explaining). Basically, this is the point in which Dee Jay recovers from EX Air Slasher. So, you want to ultra the very moment he’s out of recovery. Oh, and by ultra I mean input the motions for ultra, since you’re going to need every frame of charge you can manage.

  3. Spacing. I don’t think this is as important as the two conditions above, but learning the spacing needed for each character is definitely something you want to know.

I will say this, the hardest thing to pull off in this combo is the charge for the ultra. I would think that most people aren’t pulling this off because they don’t understand the timing to charge Sobat Festival.

Try to time how long it takes you to charge for the ultra (be as precise as possible), then once you have an idea of how long that takes, compare it to how much charge time you can manage from the moment EX Air Slasher comes out to the moment Dee Jay drops his arms (factor in buffering time before the slasher comes out, of course).

Anywho, I hope this helps Good luck!

he has to be using the old xbox 360 controller charge trick

Every time I made u1 come out, it doesn’t connect. Maybe my charge is off. I’m using c lp cr lp cr mp ex as u1 combo

I had the same problem with the standing roundhouse coming out. After 20 minutes I was able to do it for some 544 damage. It’s touchy though. Do the ultra after the second fireball has hit and not before. I noticed I was jumping the gun too fast most of the time. Just practice making the ultra come out at the least because you’re actually very close to landing it, you just don’t realize it.

Only gripe I have with this technique is that it’s very hard and you’ll really have to bone up on your character specific combos. The one I used was jump in roundhouse, close fierce cancel to ex slashes. It can work on certain characters but if you’re in too deep the air slashes spacing can change as well as the first part of the fierce punch you’re planning to combo with.

I went into training and set a recording where the combo was performed. You’d be surprised how many people close fierce misses on from a jump in. Characters I was able to land the combo inconsistently on we’re Blanka, Dhalsim, C.Viper and Dudley. The combo will work on Ryu, Evil Ryu, Ken, Dan and El Fuerte. It’s easier to land on Sakura too but she will only get hit if she does nothing or crouch blocks. If she stand blocks the first needed hit will whiff.

I was able to link Ex sobat after Ex maxout in a combo but no go when it comes to the ultra. The combo I was using was j.Mk cl.Lp cl.Lk s.Mk Ex maxout.

I can do it pretty consistently in training mode now. The most unfortunate thing about this technique I find is the fact that it is very character specific and standing/crouching dependent. The combo I mentioned before (jump in roundhouse, close fierce ex slashes U1) doesn’t work on Ryu when he crouches so really the only time to land the combo is when he mistimes a fireball and you get the jump in. Even then it’s kinda touchy. Haven’t tried the other variants yet because I don’t intend to really land it online but the one other variant I did try (jump in roundhouse, crouching fierce Ex air slasher U1) worked on Gouken and Blanka regardless of standing or crouching.


i can’t get my ultra 1 to come out :frowning:

Don’t give up. If you do roundhouses after it means you’re doing it too fast so slow it down. There’s a lot of little things you have to be aware of when trying to land this technique. First is that your ex air slashes have to be spaced out. Next is timing which is a big pain. I can now get it a quarter of the time but the timing is still the 3rd portion of this combo. The second being you MUST make sure you have the charge down. If you end up doing ex sobat kicks you’ll be close. Your biggest indicator of success is actually doing the ultra though. If you can do that then it means you’re very very close! Just try to get it at some point AFTER the second fireball hits. Trust me, it takes forever the first time and your hands get tired ya know but you’ll land it with ease over time. I can do it a quarter of the time and it feels awesome. Best of luck!