Combo execution thread for hard cancels, links, etc

Do you have trouble doing useful combos? Do you have trouble with speed, timing, or doing rotations? Do you have difficulty adapting to new/different kinds of sticks/controllers? This thread might have been done a long time ago, but I thought it might be nice for players picking up new characters, or for finding easier execution methods for stuff that’s hard to do consistently. If anyone would find this helpful, then I’ll post my unorthodox techniques for Necro corner combos, as well as suggestions for other characters. You also never know when you’ll discover something new through practice. I can delete the thread if no one’s interested.

I have trouble pulling off mp -> Hp xx Sa3 with ken on arcade…

But I pull it off easy on DC…

Makoto’s kara-DP

I can always make the kara-DP happen 100% of the time, but the move-back doesn’t always happen, just a normal MP DP happens

I input the DP motion but don’thold down 3, stop for a TINY TINY TINY split second, HK, and MP pretty much the exact moment I press HK down, and an MP will always come out, but only about 20% of time does the range backwards ever happen

so like I’m doing Makoto’s kara-DP, but I don’t get the range backwards most of the time

Also, I like Necro a lot, I’d like to know your tips on those corner combos

I can always do MP, HP SA3. For some reason I have problems cancelling the fireball afterwards into super. Probably because I don’t practice executing the super right after the fireball. MP, HP gives me enough time to confirm any ways. Makes you feel thankful compared to some of the links in games like CVS2 or ST.

Well, you’re not supposed to press MP and HK simultaneously. Here’s the input for a MP kara-Fukiage:


You’re supposed to cancel the HK into MP. Like, the moment you hit HK, quickly hit MP as quick as possible(it’s almost like drumming). Try practicing a karathrow first, preferably an easy one like Ryu’s or Q’s, and if you can get those off, then you’ll figure out the timing for Makoto’s kara-Fukiage.

I can kara-throw, and that’s what I meant, I press MP after HK as fast as I possibly can

Aren’t you supposed to kara-cancel s.HK, not c.HK? So you have to let go of DF right? I do that and the DP always comes out, but not always the step back. So basically, I think I’m always kara-canceling, but the intended effect doesn’t always happen. Unles I’m mistaken and she’s not supposed to move back noticably?

How ironic that a Q player is giving execution advice for Makoto

The command for the kara-Dp is

Forward, Down, Down Forward, NEUTRAL, HK~MP

If you didn’t get the step backward, you didn’t do it right, simple as that. You MUST pause at neutral for a little while. I’m pretty good at this kara DP and the 100% stun combo still eludes me, so w/e.

About Ken’s MP HP Shippu combo…that’s pretty easy IMO, no real tips except practice. I hit MP->HP pretty quickly and immediately start buffering the 2 QCFs, then I hit K if I see the MP hit.

Yeah, you have to kara off of standing HK. Sorry, forgot to mention that part. :looney: But yeah, if you do it right, then Makoto will move backwards while doing the Fukiage. As for not always getting it right, that probably just means you either did it too fast or too slow. Happens; I can’t consistently do Double Fukiage either.

And I can play everyone. I just like Q the most. =P

Thanks for the adviuce guys, I didn’t realize you could do it too fast

man, this is going to take some time

OK guys :smiley: lol. Here are my suggestions that I saved in case they might be helpful. If there too wordy/confusing, I’ll try to shorten the explanations. These are mostly helpful for SAI Necro players haha–SAIII might overall be better, but I’m much more effective when I go for damage than stun, with him.


On a cornered opponent: b+hp, db+hp, SAI: this combo can be hard because the elbow is down-back, yet the rotations are quarter circles forward. I simply hold the stick in db position and then do a dp (dragon punch), and when I move from db to forward, that counts as the first rotation. The cancel also has to be done fairly quickly, so this helps me a lot and I can do it nearly 100% of the time. You could also just try holding straight down instead of db.

cornered opponent: neutral throw (headbutt grab),, SAI: This combo wins me SO many matches. This cancel can be annoying because the standing mp is his neutral mp. If you accidentally hold back, you’ll get his b+mp elbow instead and the super will miss, but it connects on Q (only Q, as far as I know). Timing can be tricky but it seems to be the same for all characters you hit, even though they have different hit boxes and falling animations. If you miss the mp, you might be doing it too early, so just try slowing down and try not to think about the super cancel part at this moment and make sure you press mp after you start recovering from the grab animation. Next, I have two ways to try to buffer into super. First, like w/ the previous combo, I hold down and try a dp, and I press harder than usual with the stick if it’s not 1 of the more sensitive/responsive kinds of joysticks. Second is to try to do a half-circle for the 1st rotation, and then a regular qcf rotation.

cornered Makoto: headbutt grab, db+hp, b+mp: I hold db right away. Pressing hp should be delayed as compared to connecting the usual Try different timing if you keep missing it. If I hit with db+hp, I let the stick rest in neutral for a split second before I try the b+mp because it keeps me from walking out of hit range and helps me time it. The result is it looks like you’re letting her off the hook, only to hit her with the b+mp after all (slight pause for the mp hit).

chain combo: b+lk,, SAI/SAIII: Negative edge works really well here, as does mid-motion. This is still hard for me but I usually try mid-motion. I rest the stick in neutral for the and as soon as I press the button I do the 1st rotation before the hit connects, then quickly do the 2nd rotation as it hits. The important thing about in all cases is making sure you aren’t triggerhappy and skip pressing the button because you’re already trying to activate the super, but in this situation, the super never comes out so you simply get 1 or 2 hits w/o wasting meter, at least and you’re still safe.


command grab, st.hp, SAII: So many players tell me they still can’t do this consistently. You have to break it down into parts. Of course, you want to make sure you know when to hit hp after the grab. You basically wait until you put the opponent’s feet back on the ground, and then hit hp. After that, I prefer to do a half-circle rotation, followed by a regular qcf rotation. I would SWEAR that the 1st rotation is a half-circle because when I try to do qcfX2, nothing happens.

ALL characters with a, dp combo: Necro and Ken come to mind here especially. Necro’s cr. lk into dp can be followed up w/ SA as an EXCELLENT hit-confirm for supers if the lk is close enough when it hits. Because of that pesky command overlap, you might accidentally waste his super because that’s generally not hit-confirmable for most players ( straight into super w/o the dp buffer). I simply rest the stick in neutral for a split second after connecting the, then press forward to start the dp rotation. For Ken, this combo is great on cornered opponents so you can go for the 2nd dp, although, depending on his opponent and his/her hitbox, you might be able to do, st.lp, THEN the 2 DPs.

It doesn’t really matter HOW you try to land these combos, but if you can do them more consistently after trying new things with different kinds of sticks, then you’re still doing them the right way.

LOL about Ken’s chain into SAIII…it’s funny cos I only ONCE bothered with the fireball in the combo: I hardly pick Ken and usually prefer to cancel straight into super. The timing is really slow/easy for cancelling the fireball and then the super but I noticed that sometimes cancels are easier if you press harder than usual for cancels you have trouble doing consistently (as long as the controls don’t suffer from the pressure), and some good players say they do the same.

OH: I should also mention that for cancelling fast cr. lks into supers, I hold down and do a DP motion again. Mike Z tells me that all cr. lks into SAs are the same speed and timing, but putting command overlap aside, I have more trouble with some characters than others. Alex’s is hardest for me to cancel, but I’ve gotten a lot better at cancelling into SAII using this method. As I mentioned with Necro’s, I sometimes use this method for cancelling from st. normals, though it’s easier from a crouching hit cos the stick’s already at the starting point then for the qcf rotations.

I alternate with my 2 main unorthodox methods, depending on how the stick responds to my inputs, but I still use the original method of simply trying to do 2 fast qcf rotations.

I hope this is helping!

I was playing Pedram one day and I completely missed the bloody thing… Although the sticks there are completely different to mine… It’s stupid… I am too…:arazz:

With chun li , Standing Rh xxSA2 from a distance. any suggestions?

are you jump cancelling the RH? hit RH, spin the stick from down to forward to up to back to down to forward again(a 540 motion) and press K.

Drum 3K? Gives 3x more better chances to time the K right. So basically 3x2 (for neg edge) = 6 chances of connecting the K, that is if the 2xqcf motion is buffered right.

do you mean far RH? they have to be crouching for that to work and it’s a 1 frame link so piano method it up.

I’m trying to learn stick and i find it sad … I can do kara-dp’s without thinking but supering off anything is a pain in the ass.

If you’re having trouble doing a super after a fireball, it’s because you have to delay the fireball.
Like, for Urien’s c. FP > FB > Aegis or Ken’s MP, FP > FB > SA3.

Note that the above doesn’t apply to Chun’s B.HP > FB > SAII, but I can very rarely even cause that fireball to hit, so it’s probably better to just go B.HP > SAII.

I’m not sure about the arcade version but on the ps2 version mp, hpxxSA III does one more point of damage than mp, hp, fireballxxSA III. That’s why I always thought top Ken players used that over the combo with the fireball. My problem is that I have a harder time cancelling hp into SA III than the fireball!

You get more meter with the fb though. It’s all a matter of preference.