Combo Fatigue


I’ve been practising one of my character’s BnBs today and noticed after about 30 minutes of intense and continuous trying I became worse than during the middle part of the practice.
I just found it odd that I progressively got worse the more I practised the combo over and over to the point where I could barely string the first part of it anymore.

So I thought why should that happen?

Muscle/hand fatigue?
My personal focus went after a bit and so my concentration?
I’m not cut out to learn this way?

It was all very frustrating to have that feeling where I know the combo, I can pull it off, but I got worse, to the point I had to stop before it made me go nuts.
Perhaps this is how a lot of people feel before they finally nailed down a combo.

Do a lot of you feel this way? Is this a normal feeling to get when training? Frustration? a weird tingling fatigue in the hand?



I get the same thing, it’s just monotonous motion fatigue. Try to keep it fresh by switching to a different combo (maybe one you know but haven’t perfected) for 10 minutes then switch back.


When ever I encounter this problem I use the same solution as Cdrive and just switch the combo that I am practicing. This way to get to learn more combos as well as avoiding the fatigue.


Or you can hop online and try to land it on a few moving targets. That could help.


this is normal. follow Cdrive’s advice and focus on something else. your mind is fatigued and you’re thinking about it too much. take a break and try again later. this is part of the process to nailing that combo all the time so don’t get discouraged. i agree though that it’s incredibly frustrating.


Taking encouragement on board. Thanks guys.


I am having this same issue. Thanks for the tips!


As a bit of a lab monster I think that it’s less fatigue and more getting too comfortable with the motions. Once you’ve hammered out a combo 50 times, 100 times, whatever, it starts becoming easy. Subconsciously you connect “easy” with “I can do this faster” and your timing suffers. If you try to consciously correct the timing now you’re going too slow because you are correcting against your fully conscious timing that you’ve practiced (or it can just be fatigue). Like others have said it happens all the time in all games with strict timing, go do something else for a while and you’ll probably nail it when you get back. Also if you are the kind of person who gets very frustrated at your mistakes then persisting at it while your rhythm is off is just going to make it worse.


I set goals to do certain combos/links a certain number of times. I’ll set up 3 combos (Combo A, Combo B and Combo C)

Try to accomplish Combo A 10x consecutively on 1p Side then the same thing on 2p side.

The very second I feel that my execution is failing, I’ll switch to Combo B and repeat over again. Rinse and repeat.

I’ll also set goals during casual matches to land these particular combos against live opponents.

EDIT: Just for inspiration, I end up landing combos like these in actual matches: